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resolvere‧solve1 /rɪˈzɒlv $ rɪˈzɑːlv, rɪˈzɒːlv/ ●●○ W3 AWL verb [transitive] 1 SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEMto find a satisfactory way of dealing with a problem or difficulty SYN solve, → settleresolve a dispute/conflict/problem etc The crisis was resolved by negotiations. Barnet was desperate for money to resolve his financial problems.2 DECIDE formal to make a definite decision to do somethingresolve to do something After the divorce she resolved never to marry again.resolve that Mary resolved that she would stop smoking.see thesaurus at decide3 PPVDECIDEto make a formal decision, especially by votingresolve to do something The Senate resolved to accept the president’s proposals.4 HSEPARATE technical to separate something into its different parts DNA samples were extracted and resolved.COLLOCATIONSnounsresolve a problem/crisis/situationAction is being taken to resolve the problem.resolve a dispute/conflictNegotiation is the only way to resolve the dispute.resolve an issue/matter/questionHas the issue been resolved yet?resolve your differences (=stop arguing with each other)She and Rose had finally resolved their differences.adverbssatisfactorilySome problems still hadn’t been satisfactorily resolved.fully/completelyIt is a row that may never be fully resolved.peacefullyWe wanted to resolve the situation peacefully.amicably (=in a friendly way)We will always do our best to resolve complaints amicably.quicklyThe matter was resolved quite quickly. resolve (something) into something
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Examples from the Corpus
resolveBecause attorneys for Partners filed appeals, Atkins' case may take years to resolve.Differences of opinion are often the most difficult problem to resolve.She wants this resolved before the girls come back next month and practice begins.There are internal disputes which are resolved by a visitor who is not a lawyer himself and has not taken legal advice.The ability to coordinate several activities at once and to quickly analyze and resolve specific problems is important.Congressmen called for a third meeting to resolve the conflict.Gorbachev wrote that only he and Reagan, talking together, could resolve the questions he raised.It is likely that in normal discourse, the context of the sentences will help to resolve these potential ambiguities.I resolved to keep quiet about what I had heard, since it would only cause trouble.Yet only a very few seem to have consciously resolved to make a different life.It is difficult to see how this conflict can be resolved without taking the matter to court.Talking is the only way to resolve your differences.resolve a dispute/conflict/problem etcThese are intended to be a cheap, quick and informal way for customers to resolve disputes.This can often provide the most effective and speedy means of resolving a dispute.Instead, the company said it provides a variety of ways for employees to resolve conflicts and complaints.Before he resolves a problem, he keeps an open mind on how that problem might be resolved.Litigation Going to court to resolve a dispute is rather like going to war.People have become used to employing violence as a means of resolving conflict or asserting power over others.Every step that might be taken in resolving a problem should be taken by a lawyer.Most lawyers spend most of their time helping clients prevent or resolve disputes, trying their best to avoid costly litigation.resolve thatThe city council resolved that all street repairs be postponed until June.So we have to somehow resolve that and to address the issue somehow - and we intend to.But in his second reaction, Jackson must have resolved that Ebonics does not dignify some shameful difference.She resolved that if he couldn't find the necessary courage, she would.Samuel was convulsed with fury at this new evidence of skulduggery, resolved that no holds would be barred now.Alma resolved that one day she would return to her homeland.But for the moment she resolved that she would not think of the loathsome interview again until she was in Prague.The House resolved that the petition created disquiet and should therefore not be entertained by the House.I resolved that the transition should be a smooth one.resolve to do somethingBut let's also resolve to do something to help.Farnham will miss the extra pace of Lee, but the club have resolved to do without overseas players.That the turmoil was seeping into the villages disturbed Gandhi especially and he resolved to go to Noakhall.I resolved to have a real heart-to-heart with the President.As I left to return to work, I spied this hunk across the street and resolved to have him.He was also resolved to impose a number of reforms, including the abolition of slavery.Eventually I resolved to overcome my restlessness and settle myself for the night.I resolved to take the first thing that came along and from that base to look further afield if need be.
resolveresolve2 ●○○ AWL noun [uncountable] formalDETERMINED strong determination to succeed in doing something Recent events strengthened her resolve to find out the truth.
Examples from the Corpus
resolveNone the less the young couple eventually married, which in the face of so much Glover resistance undoubtedly took some strength and resolve.But it is also a story of brute resolve and drive, and courage at a crunch.He restated his firm resolve to become president, and achieve clean and honest government.Fortunately, there is a battery of leftist anti-smoking arguments to buttress flagging resolve, which the rightwinger can't call upon.His resolve and optimism, tempered with caution, are none the less remarkable.Maintaining our resolve for peace does not mean, however, turning the other cheek.The latest unemployment figures should strengthen the government's resolve to do something about it.Denial can obscure obstacles and stiffen resolve.He had only to say he admired Grace Bird's fortitude and instantly her chin stiffened with resolve.strengthened ... resolveIn fact, the courage shown by their martyred brothers and sisters had only strengthened their resolve to persevere.Thereafter the Western Allies worked with strengthened resolve towards the unification of their zones.
From King Business Dictionaryresolvere‧solve /rɪˈzɒlvrɪˈzɑːlv, rɪˈzɒːlv/ verb1[transitive] to find a satisfactory way of settling a disagreement, dispute etcMost pensiondisputes will beresolved within a year.2[intransitive] to make an official decision, especially by votingresolve to do somethingThe directors have resolved to ask the company to appoint a receiver.→ See Verb tableOrigin resolve1 (1300-1400) Latin resolvere to unloose, from solvere; SOLVE