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resolutionres‧o‧lu‧tion /ˌrezəˈluːʃən/ ●○○ AWL noun 1 decision [countable]PPVDECIDE a formal decision or statement agreed on by a group of people, especially after a votepass/adopt/approve a resolution The resolution was passed by a two-thirds majority. a resolution calling for a ban on dumping nuclear waste They have failed to comply with the resolution.2 solution [singular, uncountable]SOLVE/DEAL WITH A PROBLEM when someone solves a problem, argument, or difficult situationresolution of a forum for the resolution of commercial disputes3 promise [countable]PROMISE a promise to yourself to do somethingresolveresolution to do something Carol made a resolution to work harder at school.New Year’s resolution (=a resolution made on January 1st)4 determination [uncountable]DETERMINED strong belief and determination Then, with sudden resolution, she stood up.5 clear picture [countable, uncountable]HT the power of a television, camera, microscope etc to give a clear picturehigh/low resolution (=how clear or unclear the picture is)COLLOCATIONSverbspass/approve a resolutionThe Security Council passed a resolution condemning the country’s aggression.adopt a resolution (=pass it)The resolution was adopted by 12 votes to none.reject a resolutionThe National Assembly rejected the resolution.propose/introduce/put forward a resolutionThe resolution was proposed by the chairman of the committee.table a resolution (=officially propose it)Siddall tabled a resolution asking for the Board’s approval of the Five Year Business on a resolutionAre there any comments you wish to make before we vote on this resolution?a resolution calling for somethingWe support the EU resolution calling for a ban on the use of these fishing nets.a resolution condemning somethingThe UN Security Council tabled a resolution condemning the invasion.
Examples from the Corpus
resolutionRepublican leaders had hoped for a resolution of the ethics case before the new Congress convened.This distinction becomes clearer when one sees that it is mainly the industrial applications which have developed into dispute resolution.a high resolution microscopeAt time he was able to feel and convey the immediate resolution of the various tensions and contradictions of his life.The Administration proposed and the Senate approved a similar understanding in its resolution of ratification of the Convention against Torture.With its lower resolution, television proved an easier first target for electronic special effects.The UN passed a Human Rights resolution by a vote of 130-2.Moreover, there had been six votes against the resolution and thirteen abstentions.resolution calling forOn Thursday delegates approved a resolution calling for a two-year ban on dumping radioactive wastes in the sea.resolution ofa peaceful resolution of the conflictNew Year’s resolutionHave you got a New Year's resolution?For once I was determined to meet the requirements of a New Year's resolution.Seventy nine percent of people who make New Year's resolutions keep them only a week.My New Year's resolution is to lose weight.high/low resolutionLow resolution displays of 25-30 lines are easier to read than high resolution displays of 60 lines.Samples were counted in a high resolution bulk sample counter as previously described.Derived from satellite imagery at comparatively low resolution, predicted yields for different crops in different nation states become of commercial value.With its lower resolution, television proved an easier first target for electronic special effects.And if we switch to really high resolution, the icon is only 3 / 10 of an inch wide.Another company which has long been ploughing the higher resolution furrow is Printware.
From King Business Dictionaryresolutionres‧o‧lu‧tion /ˌrezəˈluːʃən/ noun1[countable] an official decision or statement agreed on by two or more people or groups of people, often after a voteashareholder resolution calling for a review of the company’s policyThe resolution was passed by a two-thirds majority. ordinary resolution special resolution2[countable, uncountable] when a particular dispute, legal case etc is settledThe company wants aspeedy resolution of the matter to limit its losses.3[uncountable]COMPUTING a measurement of the number of PIXELs a computer screen can show. The measurement, called DPI, is the number of dots over an inch of the screen. Screens with high resolution (=lots of dots) are clearer than those with low resolutionYou can use the display setting to increase the resolution of the screen.