Word family noun resident residence residency adjective resident residential verb reside
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishresidencyres‧i‧den‧cy /ˈrezədənsi/ noun (plural residencies) 1 [uncountable] legal permission to live in a country for a certain period of time SYN residence2 [countable, uncountable] when an artist, writer, musician etc does work at a college or other institution for a period of time SYN residence3 [uncountable] the state of living in a place SYN residence4 [uncountable] especially American English a period of time when a doctor receives special training in a particular type of medicine, especially at a hospital
Examples from the Corpus
residencyGradually his visit turned into a residency.The courts awarded residency to Trisha's father.The parent who has residency often loses touch with the other partner's parents, meaning that the children lose one set of grandparents.But applicants will be given a receipt, along with their old green card, to use as proof of legal residency.So did Cara, who has just started her medical residency in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School.Large-scale public commissions and community schemes, such as housing estate and subway murals, are often forms of residency.None of the five will be allowed to play for their adopted countries until qualified under the three-year residency rule.