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noun search research researcher adjective searching verb search research adverb searchingly
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researchre‧search1 /rɪˈsɜːtʃ, ˈriːsɜːtʃ $ -ɜːr-/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL noun [uncountable] (also researches [plural] formal) 1 SESTUDYserious study of a subject, in order to discover new facts or test new ideasresearch into/on research into the causes of cancer Gould was helped in his researches by local naturalists.2 STUDYthe activity of finding information about something that you are interested in or need to know about It’s a good idea to do some research before you buy a house.investigation market researchCOLLOCATIONSverbsdo/carry out research (also conduct research formal)The research was carried out by a team of scientists at Edinburgh University.Little research has been conducted into the subject.undertake research formal (=start or do research)They are planning to undertake research into the genetic causes of the disease.adjectivesscientific researchOur conclusions are based on scientific research.medical researchThe charity raises money for medical research.historical researchThis is a fascinating piece of historical research.basic research (=the most important or most necessary area of research)He wants to conduct basic research into the nature of human cells.extensive research (=research that examines a lot of information and details)Extensive research has proved the theory wrong.painstaking research (=very careful and thorough research)She spent years carrying out painstaking historical research.pioneering research (=research that produces completely new information)Watson did pioneering research on the long-term effects of dieting.research + NOUNa research project/programmeThe research project will be funded by the Medical Research Council.research findings (=what is discovered by a piece of research)He will present his research findings at the conference.research workDoctor Fox received world-wide acclaim for her research work on breast cancer.a research teamThe professor will head a research team working on the effects of climatic change on agriculture.a research studentHe supervised many research students.a research grant (=money for doing research)Have you applied for a research grant?phrasesan area/field of researchThis is a very exciting area of research.a piece of researchA recent piece of research shows why marriages break up.a body of research (=results from several pieces of research)There is a large body of research which indicates that passive smoking causes cancer.COMMON ERRORSDon’t say ‘make research’. Say do research or carry out research. THESAURUSresearch noun [uncountable] careful detailed work that is done in order to find out more about a subject, especially as a part of a scientific or academic projectBillions of dollars have been spent on research into the causes and treatment of cancer.The University has for a long time been a leading centre for research in this noun [uncountable] the studies that have been done on a particular subjectFaraday is famous for his work on electricity.A lot of work has been done on hydrogen-powered cars.Their work had an enormous influence on the study of noun [countable] a piece of work in which someone examines a particular subject in order to find out more about it, and writes about what they have foundThe study showed that 25 percent of adults do not eat breakfast at all, compared with 14 percent in 1961.Recent studies suggest that our sense of smell is closely linked with the part of the brain that deals with memory.experiment noun [countable] a scientific test in order to find out what happens when you do somethingThey carried out a series of experiments (=they did a series of experiments) in order to try to prove their theory.Experiments have shown that there is an increased risk of some forms of cancer.
Examples from the Corpus
researchCurrent research, however, indicates that the cleavage cut through class lines.She's doing research into the connection between crime and poverty.Analytical work carried out as part of environmental research often falls into this category.It defines producer services, and by reviewing existing research produces a better understanding of their role and growth.Many science courses involve elements of library research as well as its laboratory equivalent.Shaw hires mostly female salespeople because market research suggests that carpet shoppers are primarily women who prefer to buy from other women.He hopes that his book will inspire more research on alcoholism.More research is needed into the ways in which this virus is spread.Much research is carried out using secondary or library data.Many of the questions can be answered without carrying out any new research.There are also posts in various environment-oriented research institutes and other organisations for which a knowledge of meteorology is advantageous.The book draws on Gardner's own research.Recent research has shown that human language is much older than we previously thought.There is no scientific research to back up the company's claims.research into/onresearch into the causes of cancerMore effective drugs had their origin in the basic research on chemical transmission of nerve impulses described in chapter 4.Much of the current research on biological neural networks involves the study of invertebrate animals, such as sea slugs or starfish.He did research on legal matters for Carmine and knew a great deal about his holdings and operations.Some suggest segregating girls from boys in math and science courses, relying on dubious research on child development.Decades of research on a major scale points the finger at cholesterol as one of the key risk factors for heart disease.There has been very little previous research on autobiographical memory.However, there is a dearth of systematic research into the changes effected.Kirby looked at existing programs and concluded that research into their effectiveness is incomplete and ... researchBy these we do not just mean that lots of people do research and take time over it.I always got my work done, and I have been able to do some research on the side.She decided to do some research herself and then approach her boss directly to discuss the merits of additional outsourcing moves.How to do research based on their theories has proved difficult for the phenomenologists.Sending students to the library to do research reports on two possible careers simply is not adequate.He had to buy a lot of different numbers of magazines to do his research.I wanted to do my own research.
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researchre‧search2 /rɪˈsɜːtʃ $ -ɜːr-/ ●●○ AWL verb [intransitive, transitive] 1 SESTUDYto study a subject in detail, especially in order to discover new facts or test new ideasinvestigate He’s been researching material for a documentary.research into Ten years ago I began researching into the role of women in trade unions.RegisterIn everyday English, people often use the expression do research rather than the verb to research:She’s been doing some research into the history of the area.2 STUDYto get all the necessary facts and information for something This book has been very well researched.
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Examples from the Corpus
researchJoslin's legal documents were praised for being well researched.He researched alone at night, and by day discussed his findings with no one.That was 10 years ago and since then I've researched and developed that simple dieting principle.Vargas began researching his family's history 12 years ago.Doctors researching into the causes of the disease believe they may have found a cure.At one time we had about eighty people here who did nothing but research into various family genealogies.Scientific Officer required to assist with a project researching intracellular events in scrapie-infected cells.He spent four years researching material for the play.The couple still maintain close links with local schools, where they spend hours researching, sketching and absorbing jokes.They want to research the features and the prices and they want to get the information from some one they can trust.It is important to research the market fully before offering a new product for sale.
From King Business Dictionaryresearchre‧search /rɪˈsɜːtʃ, ˈriːsɜːtʃ-ɜːr-/ noun [uncountable]1study of a subject to find out new things about it or to test new ideas, products etcA leading pharmaceutical company will finance the research.What sets us apart from the rest of the industry is that we do research on our products to prove our claims.research verb [intransitive, transitive]We need to research the market. attitude research audience research customer research field research investment research market research motivational research operations research qualitative research quantitative research2research centre/institute etc an organization or department where new ideas and products are developed, tested etca research centre to test US-made Honda partsThese studies were conducted in more than 160 independent universities and research institutions in 23 countries.Origin research1 (1500-1600) Old French recerche, from recerchier to find out about something thoroughly, from cerchier; SEARCH2