Word family noun requirement verb require
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_744_zrequirere‧quire /rɪˈkwaɪə $ -ˈkwaɪr/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL verb [transitive not in progressive] 1 NEEDto need something Campbell’s broken leg will probably require surgery. What’s required is a complete reorganization of the system. Most houseplants require regular watering.RegisterRequire is used especially in written English. In everyday English, people usually say need: His leg will probably need surgery.2 MUSTif you are required to do or have something, a law or rule says you must do it or have itbe required to do something You are required by law to wear a seat belt.require that Regulations require that students attend at least 90% of the lectures. The bill failed to get the required number of votes.see thesaurus at insistGRAMMAR: Using the progressiveRequire is not used in the progressive. You say: The project requires considerable investment. Don’t say: The project is requiring considerable investment. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
requireThe latter then sued for a writ of mandamus requiring Madison to give him his commission.Eddy requires a climb of about 2,200 feet over the course of 5-1 / 4 miles.The job requires a college degree and a knowledge of computers.A second offense would earn a misdemeanor citation, and a third would require a court appearance.But it requires alkaline water and propagates freely from stem-cuttings.But it will only work if further orders are required and other suppliers are not readily available.The governor is proposing the minimum increase for schools required by Proposition 98.Several joined in to complain about the tribute required by the deputy in Riba.As any couple will tell you, marriage requires commitment and sacrifice from both partners.Most house plants require good light and regular watering.Is there anything further you require, sir?Guests who require special diets should inform the catering manager in advance.Higgins' broken leg will probably require surgery.A lot of patience is required to look after a disabled required to do somethingThe diary tells the children and parents what is required to be done on any one evening.If everyone were required to convert their parental trust funds to annuities at retirement, this problem could be alleviated.Sales have been regulated since 1906, when merchants were required to get authorization from the mayor to liquidate their inventories.Clearly, research is required to help improve the quality of reporting of meta-analyses.Companies are legally required to keep records of all their financial transactions.Under the law the President is required to notify Congress when US troops are likely to be involved in hostilities.Employers will by law be required to offer employees a choice among at least three so-called Food Benefit Plans.It was decided in 1983 that students would in future be required to provide their own bed linen and towels.Visitors are required to register their names on arrival.When the transition is complete, stations will be required to surrender their analog channels to the federal government.Second, we must obtain the data that is required to test that model.
From King Business Dictionaryrequirere‧quire /rɪˈkwaɪə-ˈkwaɪr/ verb [transitive] formal1to officially demand that people do something, because of a law or rulerequire somebody to do somethingthe ruling requiring companies to disclose the value of stockrequire thatAccounting rules require that corporate financial statements disclose the updated value of assets.2to need somethingAt first, CD-ROMs required a special disk drive that cost around $700.→ See Verb tableOrigin require (1300-1400) Old French requerre, from Vulgar Latin requaerere to try to find, need, from Latin requirere, from quaerere to ask