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republicanre‧pub‧li‧can1 /rɪˈpʌblɪkən/ noun [countable] 1 PPGsomeone who believes in government by elected representatives only, with no king or queen2 Republican3 Republicanrepublicanism noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
republicanIs it worthy of that manly fortitude that ought to characterize republicans?The central committee would elect its president from its ranks, but each time from a different republican or provincial party.What was the political point being made in presenting the father, Moran, as a disillusioned republican?But in the context of the jail, republicans considered them symbolic and provocative and, therefore, they could create trouble.Held on 12 April 1931 the contest turned into a more-or-less direct confrontation between monarchists and an alliance of republicans and socialists.A repeated jeer of the author's is that republicans look down on the masses they purport to represent.
RepublicanRepublicana member or supporter of the Republican Party in the USDemocrat republican
Examples from the Corpus
Republicanthe Republican candidate for president
RepublicanRepublicansomeone from Northern Ireland who believes that Northern Ireland should become part of the Republic of Ireland, not the United Kingdomloyalist republican
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republicanrepublican2 adjective PGrelating to or supporting a system of government that is not led by a king or queendemocratic
Examples from the Corpus
republicanCasey was arrested at his father-in-law's home on Strabane's fiercely republican Ballycolman estate.Of the republican budget 2.8 percent was voted for military expenditure.Indeed, political activity at a variety of levels showed signs of breaking out of the loyalist versus republican deadlock.It was released for consideration by republican parliaments.It is clear, however, that important innovations were being made in republican political activity.He was an example of the contradictory crosscurrents of nationalist and republican politics in this period.In a kind of republican primogeniture, autocratic leaders groom their sons to succeed them.