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republicre‧pub‧lic, Republic /rɪˈpʌblɪk/ ●●● W2 noun [countable] PGa country governed by elected representatives of the people, and led by a president, not a king or queendemocracy, monarchy the former Federal Republic of Germany Nine republics took part in the referendum.see thesaurus at government
Examples from the Corpus
republicMoldavia, a republic of more than 4 million people, borders Romania.A Bible translator in one of the Andean republics recounted the following story to the author.Tuva, under the Soviet system, was always an autonomous republic.The elitist republic has evolved into an inclusive democracy.It is one conceived out of compromise and concession indispensable to the establishment of our federal republic.the French Republicthe People's Republic of ChinaThe Kazakh-brokered agreement had called for a ceasefire along the border between the two former Soviet republics.A working group, with representatives of all the republics concerned, was established to prepare a first draft.So might the decision to let the republics go it alone on economic reform.
Origin republic (1500-1600) French république, from Latin respublica, from res thing + publica public