Word family noun place placement placing displacement replacement adjective displaced misplaced replaceable verb place displace misplace replace
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreplacere‧place /rɪˈpleɪs/ ●●● S2 W1 verb [transitive] 1 REPLACEto start doing something instead of another person, or start being used instead of another thing I’m replacing Sue on the team. Lectures have replaced the old tutorial system.2 REPLACEto remove someone from their job or something from its place, and put a new person or thing there Two of the tyres had to be replaced.replace something with something They replaced the permanent staff with part-timers.3 REPLACEif you replace something that has been broken, stolen etc, you get a new oneirreplaceable I’ll replace the vase I broke as soon as possible.4 PUTto put something back where it was before He replaced the book on the shelf.replaceable adjectiveRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say put something back rather than replace something: Don't forget to put the books back when you've finished.THESAURUSa personreplace if one person replaces another, they do a job or activity instead of the other person, usually permanentlyThe opposition leader Zhelyu Zhelev was elected to replace him. How will we ever find anyone who can replace you?The lead singer was replaced by Ray Willis back in 1992.take somebody's place/take the place of somebody to do something instead of someoneIt will be difficult to find someone to take her place.Doctor Rice is on holiday. I'm taking his place.The court may allow another relative to take the place of the parent. take over to replace someone in a job or position, and continue their workThe new manager took over in July.Sales are up (=they have increased)since he took over the company. stand in for somebody to replace someone at work on a particular occasionShe was filming in Australia, so she asked a friend to stand in for her at the awards ceremony.During the dangerous scenes, stuntmen and women stand in for the actors.fill in for somebody to replace someone in a job for a short timeSusan will fill in for me while I'm away. a thingreplace if one thing replaces another, it is used instead of the other thing, usually permanentlyThe car was old and needed replacing.Computers have replaced typewriters.take something's place/take the place of something to be used instead of another thingIf any of the eight units fails, its place will be taken by the back-up unit.MP3 players are taking the place of CDs.Ugly concrete apartment buildings have taken the place of the old houses.supersede to take the place of something – used especially about inventions, methods, organizations etcThe League of Nations was superseded by the United Nations in 1946. Analysis by manual calculation has been superseded by more modern computer-based methods. Goose used to be a traditional Christmas bird until turkey superseded it in popularity. Iron began to supersede bronze for tool making about 3000 years ago.substitute something for something to use something instead of the thing that you usually use, because the usual thing is not available – used especially about foodYou can substitute margarine for butter in most recipes. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
replaceThe roof was in such bad condition that it needed to be completely replaced.Before we move in, the place has to be redecorated and all the carpets replaced.Growth creates tremendous waste, using up resources much faster than they can be replaced.There was even a church for the victims, dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo who had an earlier one replaced.Check chimney flues and heating equipment in summer and do maintenance, make repairs or replace an outmoded system.But he was replaced, because the company wanted some one who was young and aggressive.Typewriters have basically been replaced by computers.The lead singer was replaced by Ray Willis back in 1992.We live in an intellectual wasteland where creativity is replaced by the exigencies of the marketplace.I hate to see Gretchen go - we'll never be able to replace her.Anderson was replaced in the fifth inning after a wrist injury.Have they hired anybody to replace Ken?I'll have to replace my car soon - this one's done 130,000 miles.We're looking for someone to replace our managing director.I've replaced the batteries in your Walkman.They're replacing the old windows with modern ones.They're going to replace the old wooden bridge with one made of concrete.Your car's in good condition but you ought to replace the tires.The firm has been dismissing experienced staff and replacing them with younger people on lower salaries.They still haven't replaced three of the managers who resigned.It was Johnson's first season after replacing Tom Landry as coach of the Cowboys.The gloomy brown and green of the state railway fleet have been stripped away and replaced with gold leaf.Please replace your tray and return your seat to an upright position for landing.replace something with somethingThe apartments will be torn down and replaced with a shopping plaza.
From King Business Dictionaryreplacere‧place /rɪˈpleɪs/ verb [transitive]1to start being used, doing a job etc instead of something or someone elseThe tax replaces a levy of 13.5% on manufactured goods.He will be replaced as chief executive by the current finance director.2to start using something instead of something elsereplace something with somethingAnnual wage increases will be replaced with a bonus system.3HUMAN RESOURCESto remove someone from their job, position etc and give the job to a different personreplace somebody with somebodyThey replaced the permanent staff with part-timers.4COMMERCEto give someone a product instead of one that they bought which was damaged or not perfectThe shop offered to replace the television for me.→ See Verb table