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repertoryrep‧er‧to‧ry /ˈrepətəri $ ˈrepərtɔːri/ noun (plural repertories) 1 [uncountable]APT a type of theatre work in which actors perform different plays on different days, instead of doing the same play for a long time a repertory company2 [countable]x-ref formal a repertoire
Examples from the Corpus
repertoryAnd the Balanchine repertory was given to other companies with notable generosity.Now Alvin set about creating in earnest his groundbreaking modern dance repertory company.Aiko and Koko performed material from their existing repertories.The man who made a fortune with his screeching voice, his rubber face, his repertory of long-legged misfits?Meredith made a speech about the civic pride the city took in its repertory company, and the importance of the drama.Later, in 1910, he helped to establish the Liverpool repertory theatre.Last year I added a new dish of mulberries and almonds to the repertory.The repertory was small, consisting of any Mystery where an angel played an important part.As Antony, David Harewood makes extremely satisfying use of the grand opportunity provided by this repertory.
Origin repertory (1500-1600) Late Latin repertorium list, from Latin reperire to find