Word family noun repair disrepair adjective repairable irreparable verb repair adverb irreparably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrepairre‧pair1 /rɪˈpeə $ -ˈper/ ●●○ verb [transitive] 1 repair.jpg REPAIRto fix something that is damaged, broken, split, or not working properly SYN mend British English Dad was up the ladder, repairing the roof. Where can I get my shoes repaired?2 formalGET RID OF to do something to remove harm that you have caused SYN mend British English Neil tried to repair the damage that his statements had caused. irreparable repair to something→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
repairThe streets would be swept clear, the buildings replaced and rebuilt or repaired.How much will it cost to have the TV repaired?The plane was too badly damaged to be repaired.They had to move out while the condo was being repaired.The first step in repairing a relationship is a willingness to communicate.The roof will need to be repaired and properly flashed to the new chimney.He spent several weeks in hospital, and needed three operations to repair his damaged liver.I want to learn how to repair shoes.Jones had cosmetic surgery to repair the damage to his face.Willis underwent two operations by Patzakis to repair the injury, which involved controlling the infection and transplanting bone from his pelvis.Builders spent several weeks repairing the roof.It can repair the shattered beliefs and, sometimes, the ailing soul of an organization gone awry.So he repaired the sidewalks in the other two areas, but left residents of the third to walk in the mud.get ... repairedAnd as soon as that happens, Mr Lee can think about getting his scooter repaired and on the road again.On Saturday, early afternoon, he'd gone into the city to get his watch repaired and returned about five o'clock.I tried to get them repaired, but was told that it would be much cheaper to buy replacements.And it was also a place where I could get my ship repaired by skilled persons whom I more or less the damageMinisters had rejected the report but politically it took us the next two general elections to repair the damage.Their tranquil dreams broken, they were united in their resolve to repair the damage.He wanted to repair the damage done to him and his family.When the trade deadline passed last week, Krause did nothing, again, to repair the damage he chose.He can not repair the damage he will not acknowledge.And it is costing the company another £16 million to repair the damage to the 1,000 kiosks plundered.But he is determined to repair the damage when he and wife Cherie meet Mr Bush tonight.The ninth step asks the alcoholic to make every effort to repair the damage which he or she had done to others.
repairrepair2 ●●○ noun 1 [countable, uncountable]REPAIR something that you do to fix a thing that is damaged, broken, or not workingrepair to repairs to the roadsmake/carry out/do repairs His job is to make minor repairs on all the machines. The church tower is in need of repair.structural/housing/motorway etc repairs an extensive programme of building repairsbeyond repair Many of the paintings were beyond repair (=so damaged that they could not be mended).under repair (=being repaired) Is the bridge still under repair? They did a good repair job on the roof.2 in good/poor etc repairCOLLOCATIONSverbsmake/do a repairI have done some repairs to the chair over the years.carry out a repairThe school was closed for two months while repairs were carried out.adjectivesa minor repair (=a small one)In the summer, we had to carry out some minor repairs to the roof.a major repair (=a big one)The car didn't need to have any major repairs done.necessary/essential repairsThe Council has agreed to carry out essential repairs to the fencing.urgent repairsMore than £40,000 is needed for urgent repairs to the tower.extensive repairs (=a lot of repair work)The boat needed extensive repairs.structural repairs (=to the walls or roof of a building or to the main parts of a bridge or other structure)A survey showed that the bridge needed significant structural repairs.electrical repairsNever attempt electrical repairs without unplugging the appliance.running repairs (=small things that you do to something to keep it working properly)Farm workers made their own tools and carried out their own running repairs.phrasesbe under repair (=be being repaired)We were staying at a hotel while our house was under in need of repairMany of the cottages were badly in need of beyond repair/be damaged beyond repair (=be so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired)Unfortunately the engine is beyond + NOUNrepair workThe council has been responsible for appointing contractors to carry out this repair work.a repair jobIt looked like a simple repair job to me.a repair shop/yard (=a place where things of a particular kind are repaired)He works in a shoe repair shop.a repair kit (=a set of of tools or equipment that you use to repair something)a bicycle repair kit
Examples from the Corpus
repairHowever, a $ 500 inspection revealed the building needed extensive asbestos abatement and repairs.There was a mushroom growth of grant-aided housing associations, community advice centres, radical theatre groups and co-operative bicycle repair shops.It also offered other services, including credit repair.Many ships dock at Kure Naval Base for repairs.It was often out of repair.Millstone has removed all the radioactive fuel in the reactor to permit repairs.Factories were ordered to cut production levels and road repairs were halted in an effort to cut traffic jams.Sanding is unnecessary if the repair is reasonably smooth.Ministers are still discussing with the Royal Household the style of the repair work.make/carry out/do repairsComputer service engineer - installing and maintaining computer systems and carrying out repairs when breakdowns occur.Turn off the water supply before carrying out repairs, unless it's just a minor adjustment to the float arm.They can't carry out repairs - there's simply no glass available.We all know how difficult it can be to arrange for a contractor to carry out repairs to our home.The Act also gives local authorities stronger powers to force landlords to carry out repairs.Similarly, maintenance staff may need to be sent quickly to carry out repairs at the request of a particular guest.
From King Business Dictionaryrepairre‧pair1 /rɪˈpeə-ˈper/ verb [transitive]1to fix something that is damaged, broken, or not working properlyAll the cranes were inspected and repaired before federal safety officials arrived.2to try to remove the damage a mistake or wrong action has causedThe company is working hard to repair the damage to its reputation.→ See Verb tablerepairrepair2 noun [countable, uncountable]1the act of fixing something that is damaged, broken, or not working properlyMainframe computers typically need repairs after 7,000 hours.Much of the drilling equipment isin need of repair.Many of the vehicles arebeyond repair (=so badly damaged they cannot be repaired).The bridge is under repair (=being repaired) and a 5 mph restriction is in force. credit repair home repair2in good/bad/poor etc repair in good, bad, poor etc conditionThe equipment was considered to be in sufficiently good repair to be useable.Origin repair1 (1300-1400) Old French reparer, from Latin reparare, from parare to prepare