From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreopenre‧o‧pen /riˈəʊpən $ -ˈoʊ-/ ●○○ verb [intransitive, transitive] 1 CONTINUE/START AGAINif a theatre, restaurant etc reopens, or if it is reopened, it opens again after a period when it was closed The swimming pool will reopen in May.2 CONTINUE/START AGAINif you reopen a discussion, law case etc, or if it reopens, you begin it again after it had stoppedreopen a case/question/debate etc attempts to reopen the issue of the power station’s future3 PGCif a government reopens the border of their country, or if the border reopens, people are allowed to pass through it again after it had been closed→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reopenThe action is likely to reopen debates about affirmative action.At the time I was there, investors were planning to fix it up and reopen it.It is to reopen March 16.The two sides are prepared to reopen peace talks.He took a risk this week by breaking with House Republicans and seeking to reopen the government while budget talks proceed.Police have decided to reopen the investigation in the light of important new evidence.But this reopens the issue of national dependence on Uncle Sam.Garrett reopened the murder investigation in May.J.P.. had been completely renovated and, in 1951, was reopened to the public.After De Smet finally abandoned his expensive mission, none was reopened until 1866.The motion was carried, and the school was reopened with a new teacher.To condemn him too publicly would reopen wounds within the party.reopen a case/question/debate etcSacks is seeking to reopen a case in which Fuhrman was the lead investigator.
From King Business Dictionaryreopenre‧o‧pen /riˈəʊpən-ˈoʊpən/ verb [intransitive, transitive]1COMMERCEif a company, factory, business etc reopens, or someone reopens it, it starts to do business again after being closedIts 13 offices will reopen for business today.The stock market reopened on Friday after the six-day holiday.2if discussions, talks etc reopen, or someone reopens them, they begin again after they had stoppedThe union is seeking to reopen talks aimed at settling the strike.3LAWif a legal case is reopened, the facts of the case are considered again in order to decide whether the decision that was made was the right one→ See Verb table