Word family noun news renewal adjective new renewable renewed newsy verb renew adverb newly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrenewalre‧new‧al /rɪˈnjuːəl $ -ˈnuː-/ ●○○ noun [singular, uncountable] 1 CONTINUE/START AGAINwhen an activity, situation, or process begins again after a period when it had stoppedrenewal of a renewal of the recent conflict Spring is a time of renewal.2 when you make an agreement or official document continue for a further period of time after it endsrenewal of the renewal of our annual licence Mark’s contract comes up for renewal at the end of this year.3 inner city/urban renewal
Examples from the Corpus
renewalSome have a vivid and excited sense of life and renewal.That afternoon the passport was delivered to the Soviet Embassy for renewal on an emergency application.In fact, Sykes's fellowship comes up for renewal at Christmas, and the word is he won't get it.Chartwell is offering to rebate half of its renewal commission to clients-£3,144 in the case of one investor.But only an enlightened few saw this as a symbol of national renewal.We've already paid the ordinary renewal fee, but do you think we should also have libel slander and officials indemnity?Although urban renewal efforts are under way, century-old buildings often are vacant and boarded.renewal ofMartinez will not seek renewal of his company's contract.comes up for renewalIn fact, Sykes's fellowship comes up for renewal at Christmas, and the word is he won't get it.
From King Business Dictionaryrenewalre‧new‧al /rɪˈnjuːəl-ˈnuː-/ noun1[countable, uncountable]COMMERCE when people arrange for a contract, agreement, deal etc to continueThe contractcomes up for renewal next year.The government can deny license renewals if a station doesn’t carry adequate programming for children.a six-month renewal option2[uncountable] when a company, economy, area etc is changed and improvedproposals for economic renewal and growth corporate renewal inner city renewal