Word family noun move movement removal remover mover adjective movable unmoved moving verb move remove adverb movingly
noun removal remover adjective removable verb remove
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishremovere‧move1 /rɪˈmuːv/ ●●● S2 W1 AWL verb [transitive] 1 take awayTAKE something FROM SOMEWHERE to take something away from, out of, or off the place where it is Remove the old wallpaper and fill any holes in the walls.remove something from something Reference books may not be removed from the library.2 get rid ofREMOVE to get rid of something so that it does not exist any longer a cleaner that will remove wine stains The college removed rules that prevented women from enrolling.3 from a jobLEAVE A JOB OR ORGANIZATION to force someone out of an important position or dismiss them from a jobremove somebody from something Congress could remove the president from office.4 clothes formalTAKE OFF CLOTHES to take off a piece of clothing He removed his hat and gloves.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that someone takes clothing off rather than removes it: Is it OK if I take my coat off?5 be far removed from something6 cousin once/twice etc removedTHESAURUSMeaning 2: to get rid of something so that it does not exist any longerremove to make something no longer exist, especially something that was causing problemsSome stains are difficult to remove with ordinary washing powder.All the obstacles to an agreement have now been removed.get rid of somebody/something to remove someone or something that you do not want. Get rid of is much more common than remove in everyday English, but is usually only used in active sentencesThey managed to get rid of all the weeds. It was almost impossible to get rid of him.eliminate to completely get rid of something that you do not want, especially because it is unnecessary or causing problemsIf you book online, this eliminates the need for a ticket.The new system will help to eliminate costly delays.eradicate to completely get rid of a disease or a problemThe disease has been eradicated from most of Europe.Street crime has almost been eradicated. delete to remove something that has been written on a computer, or stored in a computerDo you want to delete this file?Press 3 to delete the messages on your answerphone.erase to remove recorded sounds or pictures from a tape, or writing from paperShall I erase this video?It’s better to cross out a mistake than to try to erase it.cut to remove a part from a film, book, speech etcThe most violent scenes were cut.Parts of his original speech were cut. → See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
removeIn retirement these resentments were removed.Cokley managed to remove a small pocket knife from his pocket and cut Deering on the leg.The new technology will make it easier for surgeons to remove abnormal growths before they cause problems.Remove all the fat, then cut the meat into cubes.Remove all the packaging from the pizza and place it in a preheated oven.Before going to sleep always remove all traces of mascara with a good eye make-up remover lotion.Remove any dirt from the negative before printing the photograph.Nitrates can be diluted by regular water changes, removed by bacteria or various resins.The old paint will have to be removed first.She was in the hospital, having a lump removed from her breast.The relics were removed from the house and taken to a local museum for identification.When this dominant fish dies or is removed, his place is taken by the next man on the totem pole.Irvin paused to remove his sunglasses.What's the best way to remove red wine stains?Someone had removed some papers from the file.He opened the torch and removed the bulb.You can use lemon juice to remove the grease.If it is not possible to remove the hazard, adequate warnings or instructions will be relevant here.The chief said he had decided to remove the Muni buses from Arguello.Make sure that the engine has cooled down before removing the radiator cap.Cut the fruit in half and remove the seeds.Remove the spice bag before serving the soup.Please do not remove this notice.The plan will remove unneeded layers of bureaucracy.remove something from somethingPhil removed a notebook and pencil from his coat pocket.
removeremove2 AWL noun [countable, uncountable] especially British English formal a distance or amount by which two things are separatedat a remove The X-ray operator works at a safe remove in a separate room.
Examples from the Corpus
removeJayojit, the economist, arrives in Calcutta already at one remove from his existence.Yet, at one remove, his thesis is correct.At several removes from the self in the glass, a removeGood features Easily maintained and cleaned, very efficient at removing loose detritus, very quick and easy to fit.
From King Business Dictionaryremovere‧move /rɪˈmuːv/ verb [transitive]1to take something awayWe need to consider the trade implications before border controls are removed.remove something from somebody/somethingan injunction removing the vote from 80,000 shareholdersThe committee is recommending that the drug be removed from the market altogether.2HUMAN RESOURCESto force someone to leave an important job or positionThe new directors intend to meet on Monday to remove the company’s chief executive.The governor was removed from office following allegations of misconduct.→ See Verb tableOrigin remove (1200-1300) Old French removoir, from Latin removere, from movere to move