Word family noun the remainder remainder remains adjective remaining verb remain
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_743_zremainre‧main /rɪˈmeɪn/ ●●● S1 W1 verb 1 [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, linking verb]STAY/NOT LEAVECONTINUE/NOT STOP to continue to be in the same state or condition Please remain seated until all the lights are on. We remained friends. The boy remained silent.remain as Despite the job losses, Parker remained as manager.remain unclear/unchanged/unanswered etc Many scientists remain unconvinced by the current evidence.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say something or someone stays in a particular state, condition, or place, rather than remains in it:We stayed friends.GRAMMAR: Linking verbsRemain is a linking verb in this meaning. This type of verb links the subject of the sentence with an adjective or noun: He remains undecided about what to do.Traffic congestion remains a problem.2 [intransitive] formalSTAY/NOT LEAVE to stay in the same place without moving away SYN stayremain at/in/with etc She was too ill to remain at home. The refugees were allowed to remain in the UK.see thesaurus at stay3 [intransitive]REMAIN/BE LEFT to continue to exist or be left after others have gone, been used, or been destroyed Little of the original building remains. The score is tied, with fifteen minutes remaining. What remains of his original art collection is now in the city museum.RegisterIn everyday English, people usually say that something is left rather than remains.Not much of the old town is left.4 [intransitive]REMAIN/BE LEFT to be left after other things have been dealt withremain to be done Several points remain to be settled. There remained a few jobs still to be finished. The fact remains that racism is still a considerable problem.5 it remains to be seen→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
remainSome elements of the old class system still remain.The details of his death remain a closely guarded secret.While an authority's management style is usually affected by environmental factors there always remains an element of choice.Sir Rocco Forte will remain as chief executive of the UK hotels company.He had finished, but he remained at the microphone for a few minutes, gazing at the audience.The others were dismissed, but Harwood was asked to remain behind.She remained calm and waited till he had finished shouting at her.Sean remained close to his kids after the divorce.Two men remain in captivity.When he was promoted to deputy chairman of the Plastics Division in 1966 he remained in charge of the film group.He's decided to remain in his present job for the time being.The judge ruled that Borkin should remain in jail until his case is heard.The computers remained in their boxes until enough money was found to buy the software needed to operate them.Some 2,000 students, lecturers and university workers remained inside, refusing to leave.Byrd is likely to lose what remains of his fortune.Not much remained of the house after the fire.He later became the station's news director, but remained on the air in various capacities.He was determined to remain out west until he had made his fortune.My right leg remained shorter than my left by about half an inch.Therefore she must be prepared to remain single, and accept the social consequences of her decision.She remained standing, evidently not very sure how to begin.His doctors say this his condition remains the same.A few problems remain to be discussed.Her unhappy face remained with me throughout the rest of my journey.The picture remained with the artist's family for a number of years.The children will remain with their mother.remained silentFor a moment Charles remained silent.Refusing to make any further protestations, she set her lips and remained silent.Several people volunteered for being special constables but Tom remained silent.As their journey continued Ashley waited for her companion's mood to lift, but Vitor remained silent and sombre.Everyone remained silent, awed by the implications of it.All three, he said, remained silent during police questioning.But one key figure in this whole drama has remained silent - Prince Charles.Members of the Salvation Army have remained silent since their announcement that their money had disappeared.remain at/in/with etcAs the days remaining in her six-week maternity leave fizzled away, she wavered back and forth.However, the next owner dismantled the walls in 1685, since when it has remained in a state of decay.And among the nine most populous states, only Florida remains in Democratic hands.One may hope that this forceful advocacy can remain in most instances persuasive and considered rather than strident.For that reason, it should remain in the hands of local government.All he did was remain at the point where they first met.He remained at the rue de Harlay until his death in 1712.Of the twelve Alexander children, only Amos remained in the town where he was born.remain to be doneA great deal of work remains to be done.Nevertheless, speedy results can not be expected, since much research remains to be done.So much remained to be done.The work remaining to be done is on documents to be signed by neither party.There is no actual shortage of specific studies, though here, as elsewhere, much more remains to be done.Much indeed remains to be done; for special training is required, and the workers are still few.What remains to be done is to consider the relevance of what Wittgenstein says to the issues raised earlier in this paper.
Origin remain (1300-1400) Old French remaindre, from Latin remanere, from manere to stay