Word family noun religion religiosity adjective religiousirreligious adverb religiously
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religiousre‧li‧gious /rɪˈlɪdʒəs/ ●●● S2 W2 adjective 1 RRrelating to religion in general or to a particular religion I don’t share her religious beliefs. a religious school the dates of major religious observances such as Easter or Christmas2 RRbelieving strongly in your religion and obeying its rules carefully a deeply religious personreligiosity /rɪˌlɪdʒiˈɒsəti $ -ˈɑːs-/ noun [uncountable]THESAURUSrelating to religionreligious relating to religionthe country's religious leadersthe importance of religious freedomspiritual relating to matters of the human spirit, rather than the physical worldThe Dalai Lamai is the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet.We tend to ignore people's spiritual needs, and focus too much on material things.spiritual valuesholy [usually before noun] connected with God and religion, and therefore treated in a special way – used especially in the following phrasesthe Holy Biblethe holy city of Meccaa Hindu holy manThey believe they are fighting a holy war.The priest puts some holy water on the child's head.sacred connected with God and religion, and therefore treated in a special way – used especially in the following phrasesThis place is sacred to both Jews and Muslims.In India, cows are considered sacred.the Hindu sacred textssacred musica sacred ritualtheological relating to the study of religion or to religious beliefsa theological debatetheological trainingsecular not relating to religion or controlled by a religious authoritysecular educationsecular mattersIn the UK we live in a much more secular society.believing in a religionreligious believing strongly in a religion and obeying its rulesMy father was a very religious man.Are you religious?devout having a very strong belief in a religiona devout Catholicorthodox believing in the traditional beliefs, laws, and practices of a religionorthodox Jewsnot believing in God or religionatheist noun, adjective someone who does not believe that God existsShe says she is an atheist.atheist propagandaagnostic noun, adjective someone who believes that people cannot know whether God exists or notI think I'd describe myself as an agnostic.a group of prominent agnostic scientists
Examples from the Corpus
religiousSince it was the Sabbath, he thought he ought to watch something religious.Like many Victorians, Ruskin was deeply religious.At one time, I was very religious and a regular church-goer.To pursue political objectives seriously, they must work with the very people whose religious beliefs are most antithetical to their own.The tutor discussed her own religious beliefs openly with the students.Religious education is compulsory in all English schools.a religious festivalRecord companies feared the album might cause offence to people on religious grounds.Some religious have moved into smaller communities whilst carrying the responsibility for caring for their own elderly and sick brothers and sisters.It also took testimony Thursday from religious leaders.He's always been a religious man, and I think that has helped him.Hooker was born on a Mississippi farm, to a deeply religious mother who disapproved of almost all music.The variety of religious motivations was not always conducive to harmony among philanthropists.But it refers to a religious reality that is so basic and so universal its equivalent has been found almost everywhere.They didn't attend because of religious reasons.It depicted what he took to be some sort of religious ritual.religious studiesThe walls were decorated with religious symbols.My mother is so religious that she won't even watch TV on Sundays.All acts of religious worship were banned.religious beliefsHer book asked Christians to take a deeper look at some of their religious beliefs.It is a scientific theory, and so it may seem not to conflict with religious beliefs at all.As religious beliefs have constituted science, so scientific creeds have constituted an alternative religion.It is no longer dominated by established tradition, or established religious beliefs; it has new populations with new sets of consciousness.The Court only examined and rejected a claim based on religious beliefs of immunity from an unquestioned general rule.Jehovah's Witnesses' religious beliefs precludes them from undertaking compulsory national service.Although the two peoples share a similar type of political structure, their religious beliefs present a striking contrast.Do religious beliefs provide exemption from liability for child abuse?deeply religiousHe was noted for his prodigious memory, was deeply religious, and a staunch advocate of temperance.Both Digby's parents were deeply religious and almost violently anti-Catholic.In making this comment, one is merely pointing out particular ideological characteristics in hard-working, deeply religious, and committed people.One of 11 children, he was born on a Mississippi farm where his deeply religious father disapproved of the blues.Both were deeply religious, highly intelligent, moralistic southerners who went to the White House as amateurs and outsiders.Sorley was deeply religious in the philosophical sense but always remained out of tune with conventional belief.Clarke was a deeply religious man who enjoyed mathematics, music, and domestic life.In Gulu, a deeply religious town still torn between fear and hope, a handshake has become a sin.