Word family noun reliability reliance adjective reliableunreliable reliant verb rely adverb reliably
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreliancere‧li‧ance /rɪˈlaɪəns/ AWL noun [singular, uncountable]DEPEND ON/RELY ON when someone or something is dependent on someone or something else SYN dependencereliance on/upon the country’s reliance on imported oil the country’s heavy reliance on trade
Examples from the Corpus
relianceTransport to the town was difficult and made for self-sufficiency and reliance on village resources.A decreasing reliance on the inflation tax can be discerned in all four countries.Advertisers luring people into heavier and heavier reliance on cleansing products would be prosecuted and their bank accounts confiscated.These ideas were taken up by the peace movement in the early-1980s as an alternative to reliance on nuclear weapons.It is difficult to reverse half a century of total reliance on the car.They look too much to the past, and have an undue reliance on the words and works of their master on/uponConsumer reliance on processed and ready chilled foods has brought a new food poison to Britain: listeria.His spiritual advisers were none too happy with his reliance on pagan practices, nor probably was his court favourite Buckingham.There is a danger in placing over-much reliance on the Attorney's discretion.Monolithic notions of sanctity reveal a startling reliance on hierarchical thinking.Since that point we have taken a number of steps to reduce students' reliance on benefits.Interestingly, this reliance on state funding is not confined solely to industry.This reliance on local initiative and talent has also accelerated the involvement of small entrepreneurs.No country has managed to do away entirely with reliance on state psychiatric hospitals.