Word family noun relation relations relationship relative adjective relatedunrelated relative verb relate adverb relatively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrelatere‧late /rɪˈleɪt/ ●●● S2 W1 verb 1 [intransitive]CONNECTED WITH if two things relate, they are connected in some way SYN connect I don’t understand how the two ideas relate.relate to The charges of fraud relate to events that took place over ten years ago.RegisterIn everyday English, people often say something has (something) to do with another thing, rather than relates to it:The changes have to do with events that took place over ten years ago.I don't understand what the two ideas have to do with each other.2 [transitive] if you relate two different things, you show how they are connectedrelate something to something The report seeks to relate the rise in crime to an increase in unemployment.3 [transitive] formalTELL to tell someone about events that have happened to you or to someone elserelate something to somebody He later related the whole story to me.see thesaurus at tell4 [intransitive]UNDERSTAND to feel that you understand someone’s problem, situation etcrelate to Laurie finds it difficult to relate to children. I know he feels upset, and I can relate to that.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
relate"I can't do a thing with my hair." "I can totally relate."Pointers are used to explicitly relate elements of the model.Paige related the story of her legal battles in great detail.The approach involves identifying variations in the functioning of target areas and relating those variations to known differences in cortical function.But the real questions are: How do such workers really relate to each other? and How effective is their performance?How do you relate to them?relate toGroup work helps children learn to share things and relate to each other.He seems to have difficulty relating to others and expressing his feelings.She's a great teacher because she really relates to the kids.relate something to somethingMost writing systems relate letters to sounds fairly closely.
RelateRelate a British organization which helps those who have problems with relationships, especially marriage. It used to be called the Marriage Guidance Council.From King Business Dictionaryrelatere‧late /rɪˈleɪt/ verb relate to something→ See Verb tableOrigin relate (1400-1500) Latin past participle of referre; REFER