registered office

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registered officeˌregistered ˈoffice noun [countable] BBCthe office of a company in Britain, to which all letters and official documents must be sent
Examples from the Corpus
registered officeEvery company must have a registered office.Its registered office is in Monrovia.Parties Limited companies A plaintiff limited company's registered office must be given in the request for issue of a summons.A copy of the amended Rules of the Scheme is available for inspection at the Company's registered office.These records must be kept at the company's registered office.This includes the address of the company's registered office and particulars of the directors and secretary.The head office is not of course, necessarily the registered office and a company search may be necessary.The address of the registered office.
From King Business Dictionaryregistered officeˌregistered ˈoffice [countable] in Britain, the official address of a company where all letters and notices must be sent. By law, every British company must have a registered office and the REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES must be given the addressThe address of our registered office is printed at the head of this letter. office