Word family noun region regionalism adjective regional adverb regionally
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regionalre‧gion‧al /ˈriːdʒənəl/ ●●● S1 W2 AWL adjective [usually before noun] DNSGrelating to a particular region or arealocal local and regional government regional variations in farming practice a slight regional accentregionally adverb goods sold locally and regionally
Examples from the Corpus
regionalThe findings are likely to generate important implications in terms of competitiveness, regional and labour market impact and regulatory policy.Ethnic, religious, class, regional and national antipathies have all been known to find expression through football and football support.They were to be based on existing regional and other colleges already substantially engaged in higher education.Nuclear programs are a threat to regional and world peace.There is also a regional dimension to this problem.Ian Vickers, 33, becomes regional planner and Patrick Boyle, 24, has been appointed design and build manager.In a short period of rapid theoretical development the emergent core of regional planning principles and practices strengthened considerably.A stream of regional studies followed throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s.
From King Business Dictionaryregionalre‧gion‧al /ˈriːdʒənəl/ adjective connected with a particular regionone of the largest regional building societies in the UKa tour of the regional officesregional transport services