Word family noun region regionalism adjective regional adverb regionally
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regionre‧gion /ˈriːdʒən/ ●●● S1 W1 AWL noun [countable] 1 DNSGa large area of a country or of the world, usually without exact limits SYN area efforts to bring peace to the regionregion of the Choco region of Columbiacoastal/border/central etc region Flooding is likely in some coastal regions of the Northeast during the early part of the week.see thesaurus at area2 HBMa particular part of someone’s body SYN area the lower back regionregion of a region of the brain3 (somewhere) in the region of something4 the regions
Examples from the Corpus
regionSnow is expected in mountain regions.As in the other mountain regions, population pressure was alleviated to some extent by seasonal migration.Severe winter weather is expected in the northeast region of the country.The red spots in the caudal peduncle region are one of the unique characteristics of this species.For several years they lived in a remote region of Kenya.In turn the rural regions become much more productive as farmers appreciate the ever-present and growing demand for food from the urbanites.Alzheimer's disease affects the regions of the brain that control memory.However, this does not take into account the different sizes of the populations of working age between the regions.In this regard, fundamental changes are required in organizational patterns of scientific and technological activities in the region.There have been reports of fighting in the region.These changes have brought about a reduction of inequality in education throughout the region.The soil varies widely in this region of the country.coastal/border/central etc regionIn the process, population and economic pressures could be relieved from the heavily developed central region.Martin Scott, managing director Central Region, presented the awards.To the east lay border regions - Berry and Auvergne - where even the Duke's nominal suzerainty was at times doubtful.For two days, police in the remote coastal region around Sodwana Bay had stumbled and fumbled their way into the case.In many cases the headquarters were retained in the central region and only the production processes were decentralized.However, subsequent days saw mutual accusations of firing on the border region.It is nestled into the verdant rolling hills some 25 kilometres north of Cape Coast still located on the Central Region.Meanwhile Grom's attentions had turned to the west and to the coastal regions of the Empire.
From King Business Dictionaryregionre‧gion /ˈriːdʒən/ noun [countable]1a fairly large area of a country or of the worldThe north-east region has been suffering high unemployment.There are already over 200 teleworkers in the region.2in the region of used to describe an amount of money etc without being exactTheir annual sales are somewhere in the region of £300 million.Origin region (1300-1400) Old French Latin regio, from regere; REGENT