Word family noun freshness refreshment refreshments refresher adjective fresh refreshing refreshed verb freshen refresh adverb freshly freshingly refreshingly
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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refreshmentre‧fresh‧ment /rɪˈfreʃmənt/ ●○○ noun formal 1 refreshments2 [uncountable]DFD food and drink in general We worked all day without refreshment.liquid refreshment (=alcoholic drink – used humorously) I was in need of some liquid refreshment.3 [uncountable]RECOVER/GET BETTER the experience of being made to feel less tired or hot
Examples from the Corpus
refreshmenta refreshment standAdmission to the dance is $5, and refreshments are provided.Aim to make mealtimes and refreshment breaks social occasions.If there was anything disheartening, it was to seek out a church for prayer and refreshment and find its doors barred.His hospitality knew no respect of persons; the abbey-gates stood open for all comers who needed either refreshment or lodging ...Ask him to show you what you need for refreshment and never go after a solution of your own design.And the signs are the journeys will made without liquid refreshment.I arrived at Annat in the early afternoon and was disappointed not to find any offers of refreshment on display.Hosts ought to offer their guests some refreshment.liquid refreshmentOh, there were times when a few drops of liquid refreshment passed their lips.But at least there was liquid refreshment on hand in Ted's hour of need.A hearty supper was eaten and a bar constantly provided welcome liquid refreshment.And the signs are the journeys will made without liquid refreshment.