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reforestationre‧for‧est‧a‧tion /riːˌfɒrəˈsteɪʃən $ -ˌfɔː-, -ˌfɑː-/ noun [uncountable] TAFSGEthe practice of planting trees in an area where they were previously cut down, in order to grow them for industrial use or to improve the environment OPP deforestation
Examples from the Corpus
reforestationNearly two decades of aggressive reforestation and street sweeping has done away with much of the dust.Water yield as well as water quality is affected by afforestation and reforestation.Apart from the effects of afforestation and reforestation on flora and fauna, there are other environmental implications.Government reforestation targets are not being supported by adequate funding and can not be realised, the report claims.Alp Action is to launch a number of conservation projects, including reforestation, together with a public education programme.More recently, reforestation has occurred naturally on abandoned farm terraces where grazing pressures have been low.The reforestation programme, targeting to plant 7.5 million trees over a seven year period, is on its way.He is chair of the village reforestation committee and has been determined to set everyone else an example.