Word family noun referee reference referral adjective referable verb refer referee reference
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreferralre‧fer‧ral /rɪˈfɜːrəl/ noun [countable, uncountable] formal SENDwhen someone sends someone or something to another person to be helped or dealt withreferral to The doctor will give you a referral to a specialist in your area. Only 39 percent of patients were seen within four weeks of referral.
Examples from the Corpus
referralThe evaluation I am looking at was prepared by a licensed psychologist, based on a referral from his school.Patient 4 who had been operated on before referral received additional radiation therapy.If the grounds of referral were disputed by either parents or children, the Panel would have two options.The agency provides referrals for elderly people who need help finding health care.Medical groups often woo primary care doctors while sharply limiting the number o f specialists allowed on their referral lists.This referral to morality, Dworkin argues, is endemic to all law.Frequently, then, an unspecific referral was subsequently considered a psychosis.