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referendumref‧e‧ren‧dum /ˌrefəˈrendəm/ ●○○ noun (plural referenda /-də/ or referendums) [countable, uncountable] PPVwhen people vote in order to make a decision about a particular subject, rather than voting for a personreferendum on a referendum on independence The city council agreed to hold a referendum on the issue in November.see thesaurus at election
Examples from the Corpus
referendumAfter what he has now said about a referendum, he had better watch out.On this view there is, to put it mildly, no urgency about a referendum.The government has promised to hold a referendum and let the people choose.If it is approved, 30-day period opens for anyone wishing to hold a referendum drive to overturn the deal.The Irish people voted 'no' in a referendum on divorce in 1986.Najibullah proposed that a referendum be held in both government and mujaheddin-controlled areas to determine whether a ceasefire should be implemented.If county officials confirm that 28,084 are those of registered voters, a referendum will be held around May 1.Another referendum was to be held on June 7 over the new constitution.They also claimed that a national referendum would be impossible when so much of the country was under rebel control.Of the 28 percent of the electorate who voted in the referendum, 53 percent supported the ban.How will you be voting in the referendum?hold ... referendumOn the subject of the draft union treaty, Gorbachev introduced the idea of holding a referendum on it throughout the country.We should not go so far as to hold a referendum, but the people must have the final say.In 1992 western governments had allowed Bosnia to hold a referendum and become an independent state.The decision to hold a referendum was taken by the city council in April, following a year-long public debate.It has prompted President De Klerk to hold a referendum to guage white support on ending apartheid.Denmark planed to hold a referendum on the issue.If it is approved, 30-day period opens for anyone wishing to hold a referendum drive to overturn the deal.Why hold a referendum, when no one could challenge the imposition of his will?June 25: Moldavia's President Snegur announced that the republic would hold a referendum on independence in the autumn.
Origin referendum (1800-1900) Modern Latin Latin referre; REFER