From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreelreel1 /riːl/ verb [intransitive] 1 CONFUSEDto be confused or shocked by a situation Norman’s brain was reeling, but he did his best to appear calm.reel from The party is still reeling from its recent election defeat.2 (also reel back)BACK/BACKWARDS to step backwards suddenly and almost fall over, especially after being hit or getting a shock Diane reeled back in amazement. The force of the punch sent him reeling against the wall.3 [always + adverb/preposition]BALANCE to walk in an unsteady way and almost fall over, as if you are drunk Andy reeled away from the bar and knocked over his stool.4 BALANCEto seem to go around and around The room reeled before my eyes and I fainted. reel somebody/something ↔ in reel something ↔ off→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
reelA punch in his stomach sent him reeling.The drunk reeled across the road, talking loudly to nobody.People riotously reel around here, fighting, fondling, tittering, clowning.Bowring reeled, choked, flailed his hands, tried to grab at reality, wherever it was.When we left, Volkov was reeling from a mixture of liquor and exhaustion, but he remained in high good humor.Sofia reeled her in for the kind quick embrace she had received in the hundreds from the older woman.Sam reeled in a 7 pound fish.She reeled off my 752 failings, whereas I was tongue-tied.Birbeck reeled out into the daylight, bemused and shocked.Cameron's brain reeled slightly under the weight of all these alternatives.Tyrion reeled to his feet, determined to sell his life dearly.reel fromThe economy was still reeling from the previous year's recession.
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ldoce_282_creelreel2 noun [countable] 1 a) DTa round object onto which film, wire, a special string for fishing etc can be wound a cotton reel a fishing rod and reel b) DTthe amount that one of these objects will hold a reel of film2 AMFone of the parts of a cinema film that is contained on a reel the final reel3 APDa quick folk dance, especially one from Scotland or Ireland, or the music for this
Examples from the Corpus
reelHe rose to his feet and struck up a reel.a scene from the final reel of "High Noon"Audio Masters Providing recordings of approximately 10 hours' duration on open reel tape.And never does he mention a brand of rod, reel or line.Carey's reel clicked slowly, then stopped.He nodded without taking his eyes from the spiked reel rolling below him.Reels: A freshwater spinning reel with 6-pound-test line for the bait unit.His descriptions of everything from lures to reels to fish finders read like they are straight out of a company press release.
Origin reel2 Old English hreol