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recyclingre‧cy‧cling /riːˈsaɪklɪŋ/ ●●○ noun 1 [uncountable]SGE the process of treating used objects or materials so that they can be used again Recycling is important to help protect our environment.2 [singular] American English informal things that are to be recycled Don’t forget to take out the recycling.
Examples from the Corpus
recyclingThey are of great importance not only as food for birds and mammals, but also in pollination and recycling of nutrients.These included waste reduction, paper and cardboard recycling and improving energy efficiency.School students collected tons of drinks cans and bottles for recycling.After a short while, taking paper, glass and metals for recycling becomes a habit.The truth is that obligatory recycling protects markets as well as the environment.But it is still generally cheaper than the alternatives of incinerating or recycling.the city's recycling programThe recycling program involves every household in the neighborhood.The recycling of polystyrene, for instance, requires temperatures above 200C and the materials are extensively filtered during the procedure.Such a move, it is suggested, would encourage water recycling.