Word family noun recovery verb recover
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecoveryre‧cov‧er‧y /rɪˈkʌvəri/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun 1 [singular, uncountable]RECOVER/GET BETTER the process of getting better after an illness, injury etcmake a full/good/remarkable etc recovery Doctors expect him to make a full recovery.recovery from Ann made a quick recovery from her operation.2 [singular, uncountable]RECOVER/GET BETTER the process of returning to a normal condition after a period of trouble or difficulty Hopes of economic recovery are fading.3 [uncountable]GET when you get something back that has been taken or lostrecovery of the recovery of the stolen moneyCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the process of getting better after an illness, injury etcverbsmake a recoveryShe has since made a complete recovery.speed (up) somebody’s recovery (=make them recover more quickly)She believes that a holiday would speed my recovery.aid somebody’s recovery (=help someone to recover)Although it is not a cure, the drug can aid recovery.adjectivesa full/complete recoveryShe was severely injured but made a full recovery.a good/satisfactory recoveryHe is making a good recovery from a knee injury.a remarkable/amazing/miraculous recoveryDoctors have every confidence that Laura will continue her remarkable recovery.a speedy/quick/swift recoveryWe wish him a speedy recovery. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: the process of returning to a normal condition after a period of trouble or difficultyadjectivesan economic recoveryThe U.S. is showing solid signs of an economic recovery.a sustained recovery (=that continues for a long time)Will these policies provide a basis for sustained recovery and sustained growth?a modest recovery (=not very great)On the foreign exchanges the pound managed a modest recovery from Thursday’s slump. a slow recoveryA slow recovery in the hotel market is likely to hold back the company’s profits.
Examples from the Corpus
recoveryAfter extensive negotiations, Wimpol was awarded the location and recovery contract.Other Disk Storage Entries retrieved from the database are stored on disk for restart and recovery purposes.The dramatic move - effectively devaluing our currency - exposed the Prime Minister's general election pledges of economic recovery as worthless.Economic recovery is forecast.I guess everyone said it is 95 percent curable; the treatment is good; you are making a good recovery.It should be remembered that one can not relapse unless one has first been in recovery.The kick misses, recovery is slow and the alert opponent has scored before you know what's happened.The scene was set, the script written, the actors at their marks: illness, operation, recovery.My right hon. Friend is right to talk about the industrial capacity being too low to produce the recovery we need.make a full/good/remarkable etc recoveryNine Anne made a good recovery from her illness and three weeks later was back in circulation.She was severely injured but made a full recovery.But now he has made a full recovery to the delight of his proud parents, Fred and Denise.Now Daniel, 10, appears to have made a remarkable recovery with just chemotherapy treatment and cancer tablets.Michael made a good recovery, and was well enough to enjoy the international conference given at the time of his retirement.Whatever, let's hope she makes a full recovery.Another prize prospect, Class A pitcher Domingo Guzman, has tendinitis but is expected to make a full recovery.Doctors at Strong Memorial Hospital said they expected the 39-year-old woman to make a full recovery.economic recoveryThe slump in profits has limited the scope for corporation tax offsets but economic recovery should help ease the problem.There followed an alarming period in which the carefully contrived economic recovery and social peace created under the Callaghan government disintegrated.Investors' new bullishness has raised hopes of economic recovery.In a speech last week, Kohl predicted economic recovery before the end of the year.At Edinburgh we shall also discuss what else we can do to promote economic recovery.All he need fear is a general postponement of Britain's economic recovery.He said spiralling public sector borrowing was the greatest threat to a sustained economic recovery.He will initially help local authorities and other agencies plan for the economic recovery of Cumbria, the worst hit area.recovery ofthe recovery of the stolen jewels
From King Business Dictionaryrecoveryre‧cov‧er‧y /rɪˈkʌvəri/ noun (plural recoveries)1[countable, uncountable]ECONOMICS when prices increase or the economy grows again after a difficult period of timeShare prices staged a slight recovery yesterday.Hopes for an economic recovery evaporated.2[uncountable]FINANCE when you get something back, such as money that you are owedThe company said it will pursue recovery of its investment. bad debt recovery3[uncountable]ACCOUNTING when you gradually get back an amount of money that you have spent on an asset by paying less tax. This reduction in tax is allowed to make up for DEPRECIATION (=the asset’s loss of value over time)4[uncountable]INSURANCE anything that an insurance company is able to get back that reduces the total amount of a loss, such as damaged property, stolen goods that are found by the police etc