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recommendationrec‧om‧men‧da‧tion /ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃən/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun 1 [countable]ADVISE official advice given to someone, especially about what to do We will review the case and make a recommendation to the client.recommendation for recommendations for school reformrecommendation of the main recommendations of the reportrecommendation that We are making no recommendation that children should use Standard English.recommendation to do something a recommendation to replace the existing system2 [uncountable]SUGGEST a suggestion to someone that they should choose a particular thing or person that you think is very goodon somebody’s recommendation Academic staff are appointed on the recommendation of a committee.3 [countable] (also letter of recommendation) especially American EnglishBESE a formal letter or statement saying that someone would be a suitable person to do a job, take a course of study etc Try to get letters of recommendation from bosses and colleagues.COLLOCATIONSverbsmake a recommendationThe inspectors will make their recommendations to the Environment Secretary.accept a recommendationThe president accepted the report’s recommendations.approve/adopt a recommendationThe council approved the committee’s recommendation.implement recommendationsWe will implement the recommendations of the Woolf Report to improve prison conditions.adjectivesthe main recommendationOne of the main recommendations in the report is more parental involvement in education.specific/detailed recommendationsWe made a large number of specific recommendations for improving women’s mental health.a clear recommendationThe report offered no clear recommendations or policy guidelines.
Examples from the Corpus
recommendationSchatz's former employer wrote him a recommendation.Dulles did more than make the customary recommendations that the policies of the colonial powers keep abreast of local political aspirations.In addition, the consultants prepared a series of flip charts for Rice to use in presenting his recommendations.The Geneva group describes peer review, voluntary, and mandatory monitoring schemes, but makes no recommendations.The committee made a number of recommendations for improving standards in schools.I bought the house on the realtor's recommendation and have regretted it ever since.Unless the report's recommendations are implemented soon, the future for industry could be very bleak indeed.The railway companies seem to completely ignore safety recommendations.We accept that recommendation and will act on it as soon as possible.And that is the recommendation officers of the club are to put to members following an executive committee meeting at the weekend.Unlike SSAPs, SORPs are not mandatory but companies are encouraged to comply with the recommendations that they make.The recommendations now move to the congressional intelligence committees, which are expected to introduce legislation incorporating the recommendations.The review bodies are independent but Government has the option of modifying their recommendations.By law, the President of the United States must act on this recommendation by August 29,2000.The consultants have made several very good and valid recommendations.make ... recommendationThe staff and advisory commissions also make recommendations, in one-page position papers.To be sure, people in the Southwest Marketing and Distribution Division grew much better at making recommendations.It will be several weeks or longer before the committee makes a recommendation to the City Council.He stopped short of making recommendations about weapons programs in his 90-minute meeting at the White House.The inspector will then make a recommendation - though this is occasionally ignored by the DoE.Mrs Bottomley has asked the committee to make recommendations to her by the beginning of 1994.We asked the Secretary-General to make recommendations for a more effective role for the United Nations as peacekeeper and as peacemaker.It is, however, hard to make a recommendation to read this fine offering by Boyd without issuing a warning.The committee will make a recommendation in the next month.
From King Business Dictionaryrecommendationrec‧om‧men‧da‧tion /ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃən/ noun [countable, uncountable]1official advice given to someone about what to doHis office will review the proposal and make a recommendation to the commission.The plant was closed on the recommendation of regulators.2a suggestion that someone should choose a particular thing or person because they are very good or suitableHe was offered the job on Johnson’s recommendation.