From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrecipientre‧cip‧i‧ent /rɪˈsɪpiənt/ ●○○ noun [countable] formal GETsomeone who receives somethingrecipient of the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
Examples from the Corpus
recipientTissues and organs were transplanted into 50 recipients.Support for the latter appears to be ebbing, with the Green alliance the likely recipient of much of the protest vote.Three minutes later, the computer prints out a list of 60 names of suitable recipients, together with their relevant data.Education works only if the recipients really want it.But the institute rarely bothered to check whether the recipients followed through.The success of such programmes depends heavily on how much part their recipients have in their design and execution.The federal Family Support Act of 1988 required many welfare recipients to participate in education, training, or work.welfare recipientsrecipient ofthe recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
From King Business Dictionaryrecipientre‧cip‧i‧ent /rɪˈsɪpiənt/ noun [countable] formal someone who receives somethingThe international money orders can be cashed by the recipient at any Amex travel office.The scheme is placing more than 300 welfare recipients a year in jobs.Origin recipient (1500-1600) Latin present participle of recipere; RECEIVE