Word family noun receipt receipts receiver reception receivership receiving receptionist receptor adjective receptiveunreceptive received verb receive
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receptionre‧cep‧tion /rɪˈsepʃən/ ●●○ W3 noun 1 welcome/reaction [countable usually singular]REACT a particular type of welcome for someone, or a particular type of reaction to their ideas, work etcreceive She was unsure of her reception after everything that had happened.a warm/good/enthusiastic reception The delegates gave him a warm reception.a hostile/cool/frosty reception His ideas met with a hostile reception.receive/have/get/meet with a ... reception He got a great reception from the crowd. The plans received a mixed reception from unions (=some people liked them, others did not).2 hotel/office [uncountable] a) DLTBBthe desk or office where visitors arriving in a hotel or large organization go first Please leave your key at the reception desk. I asked the man at reception. b) British EnglishDLTBB the area around or in front of this desk or office SYN lobby I’ll wait for you in reception. the reception area3 party [countable]PARTY a large formal party to celebrate an event or to welcome someone It’s an ideal location for a wedding reception. The occasion was marked by a civic reception.see thesaurus at party4 signals [uncountable]TCB the act of receiving radio, television, or other signals, or the quality of signals you receive Mobile phone users have complained of poor reception in the area.5 football [countable] the act of catching the ball in American footballCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: a particular type of welcome for someone, or a particular type of reaction to their ideas, work etcadjectivesa warm reception (=friendly or approving)The prince was given a warm reception when he visited enthusiastic/rapturous/rousing reception (=in which people show a lot of approval in a noisy way)She received an enthusiastic reception.a hostile receptionWhen reporters arrived at the house, they got a hostile reception.a cool/chilly/frosty reception (=not friendly or approving)His idea got a cool reception from his colleagues.a lukewarm reception (=not enthusiastic)I am bewildered by the lukewarm reception given to her latest album.a mixed reception (=when some people like something and some do not)His first novel received a mixed reception.a favourable/positive receptionThe movie got a favourable reception from audiences and critics alike.verbsget/have a warm etc reception (also receive a warm etc reception formal)As he came on, Rocky got a great reception from the with a warm etc reception formalThey met with a chilly reception from my mother.give somebody/something a warm etc receptionOpposition parties gave the proposals a lukewarm reception. COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a large formal party to celebrate an event or to welcome someoneADJECTIVES/NOUN + reception a wedding receptionThere were over 200 guests at our wedding reception.a civic reception (=one given by the authorities of a city)The plaque was unveiled during a civic reception given at Glasgow City Chambers. a champagne receptionTickets include a champagne reception and buffet official receptionAfter an official reception at the Embassy, they visited the White House.a formal receptionThere will be a formal reception in honour of his life and work.verbsattend a receptionWe have to attend a reception at the Embassy.have/hold a reception The wedding reception will be held at The Grand Hotel.
Examples from the Corpus
receptionThere will be a reception for the visiting professors.The pair were spotted together at a champagne reception at the Imperial Hotel.Two hundred guests attended an evening reception, held in honor of the Chancellor's visit.On the second night, the captain always holds a formal reception for the crew and passengers.The two men were confused by the hostile reception the mob gave them, and they had reason to be.The winner's reception will take place in a top hotel in central London.He added scoring receptions of 56 and 58 yards later from quarterback Cade McNown, both on play-action throws.There will be fireworks, concerts, parties, dinners, church services, receptions and a parade.Today Stephen was worried about the reception staff.Above the reception is the professional team's accommodation and administrative facilities.All the mirrors in the reception hall had been smashed, all the paintings on the walls were slashed.I went to the church service, but not to the reception.He also was penalized for an illegal shift that nullified his 1-yard touchdown reception late in the second quarter.a 24-yard touchdown receptiona wedding receptionWe had our wedding reception in a local hotel.The wedding reception will take place at the Lennox Hotel, starting at 3.30 pm.a warm/good/enthusiastic receptionWe are preparing a warm reception for invaders.From some of the 11,000 students a warm reception, and a cheeky invitation.Assets of £75,000 or even less can now be enough to guarantee you a warm reception from the private bankers.reception deskLouis Johnson came to despise the Alsops and ordered Pentagon reception desks to inform him whenever they set foot in the building.The contract was made at the reception desk.The nurses all wore sweaters, and a tiny electric heater glowed behind the reception desk.The two women behind the reception desk avoided her eye.It was early evening when the manager of the Langstone Hotel came to the reception desk in response to the ringing of the bell.Dragging her mind back to the matter in hand, and mumbling apologies, she wormed her way to the reception desk.The reception desk was getting a last bright coat of yellow paint.I worked reception desk and receptionMeetings, rallies, dances and wedding receptions all brought the small communities together.The castle's impressive great hall is a popular venue with local couples for wedding receptions.It is an ideal location for wedding receptions, having large attractive grounds.Holtz took him upstairs to see one of the large second-floor spaces that had once been used for wedding receptions.This is the ideal hotel if you are planning a small wedding reception.The couple also got £2,000 cash that helped to make their wedding reception a feast to remember.Food for more than 100 guests at two wedding receptions was alleged to have been prepared at the kitchen.poor receptionMichael Heseltine's ungainly hybrid replacement received a poor reception from Tory activists gathered at Southport last weekend.This met with a poor reception.The company claims to have solved many of the problems of poor reception suffered by mobile phone users.A recurrent problem for the station was that of poor reception, even when the transmitting power was increased.
From King Business Dictionaryreceptionre‧cep‧tion /rɪˈsepʃən/ noun1[uncountable] the desk or office where visitors who arrive in a hotel or large organization go firstPlease leave your key at the reception desk.2[uncountable] British English the area around or in front of a reception desk or officeI’ll meet you in reception in half an hour.3[countable] a large formal party to celebrate an event or to welcome someonea champagne reception to launch his new bookOrigin reception (1300-1400) French Latin receptio, from recipere; RECEIVE