Word family noun receipt receipts receiver reception receivership receiving receptionist receptor adjective receptiveunreceptive received verb receive
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishldoce_742_zreceivere‧ceive /rɪˈsiːv/ ●●● S1 W1 verb [transitive] 1 be given somethingGET to be given something SYN get All the children will receive a small gift.receive something from somebody She received an honorary degree from Harvard.receive attention/affection/support She received no support from her parents.receive payment/money/a pension etc They will be entitled to receive unemployment benefit.receive a prize/award/gift etc He went up to receive his award from the mayor.receive education/training 16 to 18-year-olds receiving full-time education Lee received 324 votes (=324 people voted for him).RegisterReceive is a rather formal word, which is used especially in written English. In everyday English, people usually use get. What did you get for your birthday?She got a degree from York University.2 be sent something formalGET to get a letter, message, or telephone call, or something which someone has sent youreceive something from somebody He received a letter from his insurance company. If you would like to receive further information, return the attached form. We have received numerous complaints about the noise.3 treatment formalMIMH if you receive a particular type of medical treatment, it is done to you He received hospital treatment for a cut over his eye.4 reaction to somethingREACT to react in a particular way to a suggestion, idea, performance etcreception The film was well received by critics (=they said it was good). He received the news in silence.Grammar Receive is often passive in this meaning.5 be on/at the receiving end (of something)6 receive an injury/blow7 people formalSS to officially accept someone as a guest or member of a groupreceive guests/visitors She isn’t well enough to receive visitors yet.receive somebody into something She was later received into the Church.8 by radio a) TCBif a radio or television receives radio waves or other signals, it makes them become sounds or pictures b) TCBto be able to hear a radio message that someone is sending ‘Receiving you loud and clear!’→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
receiveThe airline received 14,760 bids during the auction, which lasted 2 1 / 2 months.We have received 2,200 telegrams and 4,000 letters in response to your Mideast statements...She received an honorary degree from Harvard in 1990.Did Caroline receive an invitation?Police received calls from residents who heard the gunshots.Are you still receiving financial aid?Many favourable comments were received from teachers and pupils concerning the wide ranging applications and future work opportunities available in Chemistry.Richardson received invitations to speak at all three universities.It not only receives, it picks and chooses and processes all it receives.Those who sneak in say conditions are physically improved but the children receive little of the love and attention they need."Are you receiving me?" "Receiving you loud and clear."Three firefighters received minor injuries while fighting the blaze.When she received news of her father's death, she returned home.Officials have received numerous complaints about airport noise.He received the appointment, but Parker himself was never sworn into office.He says he never received the fax from us.There is no central registry that ensures that only a tiny percentage of women will receive the label.Hotel guests may not receive visitors after 10 p.m.You will receive your credit card in approximately two weeks.We received your letter the 1st of March.I'm sorry I didn't call earlier, but I've only just received your message.receive something from somebodyIn 1962 she received an honorary doctorate from Harvard.receive ... informationCommunicating is an exchange-a giving and receiving of information.Communications is a process of. exchange-a giving and receiving of information.Sensing refers to receiving the information.Unlike a computer the brain does more than receive information.Individuals interested in Imaging Consultants' conference can receive more information by calling 555-666-6666.All freshmen who attend optional orientation sessions receive information on date rape.They receive information on it from people they trust, and whose opinion they hold in high regard.Clients did not receive regular information on where their money was invested or what their funds were now worth.received ... treatmentYates had a history of drug abuse for which she received treatment.Carey Lohrenz received preferential treatment and inflated grades during flight training.And she has received shock treatment before.Only eight and 12 children respectively received nutritional treatment for varying intervals during years one and two.Over 700 demonstrators received treatment in hospital.I received treatment on my injury every day in Edinburgh, so that by the end I was recovering well.In the past six months, the intervention specialists interviewed about 440 people, and most received treatment within a week.well receivedBut a reissue of his work this week has been less well received.Organizations that come in trying to tell people what to do or how to think are not very well received.The novel was not well received.The plenary sessions on Friday and Saturday were less well received.He was well received, and we were led to believe the administration would offer constructive proposals for reforming health care.The message was well received by commissioners.Hawke's first novel was well received by many book critics.Protests have been peaceful and well received by the public.Another gift that was well received was a book of poetry for which I made a pressed flower bookmark.receive guests/visitorsBut her spirit remained intact, and she continued to receive visitors.Not for nothing had this little procession presented the air of a party setting out to receive guests.He could receive visitors and was allowed out of jail from time to time, even occasionally to preach in London.She did, however, often visit friends and members of her family, as well as receive visitors at Weston.He was delighted to receive visitors but charged Mike £50 for the opportunity to photograph him.She did not receive visitors dressed only in a shirt.Tower has received visitors from every conceivable country on earth and indigenous people from the Cordillera have visited Britain.
Origin receive (1300-1400) Old North French receivre, from Latin recipere, from capere to take