Word family noun receipt receipts receiver reception receivership receiving receptionist receptor adjective receptiveunreceptive received verb receive
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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receiptre‧ceipt /rɪˈsiːt/ ●●● S2 noun 1 [countable]BBT a piece of paper that you are given which shows that you have paid for something Keep your receipt in case you want to bring it back.receipt for Make sure you get receipts for everything. Can you give me a receipt?2 [uncountable] formalGET when someone receives somethingreceipt of the closing date for receipt of applicationson/upon receipt of something The booking will be made on receipt of a in receipt of something (=to have received something)3 receipts
Examples from the Corpus
receiptKeep your credit card receipts until your statement arrives.It includes all cash payments by the government, and all cash receipts.The gate receipts are going down faster than the guys who step into the ring against him.In particular, you should normally return a test corrected within seven days of its receipt.On receipt of my father's letter, I got drunk and sent him a cheque for twenty grand.With accruals accounting, of course, postponing or bringing forward cash payments or receipts has no effect.She said Thresher was aware of the receipt for £18.37 and had established that it belonged to another customer.Euro Disney was also in demand, up 20p at 965p after a rise in foreign visitor receipts.Purchases may be returned if you show your receipt.receipt ofPlease respond within 10 days of receipt of this letter.
From King Business Dictionaryreceiptre‧ceipt1 /rɪˈsiːt/ nounACCOUNTING1[uncountable] the act of receiving somethingThe money has to be re-invested within 60 days of receipt, otherwise it will be taxed.receipt ofThe customer acknowledged receipt of a shipment.a list of those in receipt of (=receiving) unemployment benefits2[countable]COMMERCE a written statement showing that you have received money, goods, or servicesKeep all your receipts for work-related expenses.a credit card receipt credit receipt debit receipt delivery receipt deposit receipt dock receipt trust receipt warehouse receipt3receipts [plural]ACCOUNTINGFINANCE money that has been receivedExport receipts in January totalled £626 million. gross receipts net receiptsreceiptreceipt2 verb [transitive] to write ‘paid’ and the date on a bill or invoice and sign itOne copy is receipted and returned to you.a receipted hotel billOrigin receipt (1300-1400) Old North French receite, from Medieval Latin recepta, from Latin recipere; RECEIVE