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ratiora‧ti‧o /ˈreɪʃiəʊ $ ˈreɪʃoʊ/ ●●○ W3 AWL noun (plural ratios) [countable] HMAMOUNTa relationship between two amounts, represented by a pair of numbers showing how much bigger one amount is than the otherproportionthe ratio of something to something The ratio of nursing staff to doctors is 2:1.ratio between the ratio between profits and incomes
Examples from the Corpus
ratioThe butt part has a higher ratio of lean to bone than the shank part and is often priced higher.Relative risks were estimated as matched odds ratios by conditional maximum likelihood methods.The significant difference is that our interpretation of the capital-output ratio includes variable capital, not merely fixed capital stock.The inventory-to-shipment ratio in November was revised to 116. 2 from an initial 116. 4.This will help with recommendations such as the ratio between sheet thickness, width and the distances between glazing bar centres.a school where the ratio of students to teachers is about 5:1The ratio is similar to Rainbird.The ratio means that for every $ 100 of orders shipped by chipmakers, $ 109 in new orders were received.the ratio of something to somethingThe crucial factors are the relative opportunity costs and the ratio of men's to women's earnings.The labelling index was calculated as the ratio of Ki-67 positive to negative cells per crypt.Let R be the ratio of price to marginal revenue for good i as perceived by firms in some country.This changed the ratio of qualified to unqualified staff from 61:23 to 58:28.This is where the government increases the ratio of bonds to bills.If carbamazepine is taken as monotherapy, the ratio of epoxide to the parent drug is about I; 10.He then varied the ratio of excitatory to inhibitory interaction strengths.But they want the ratio of satisfaction to frustration to balance out in their favour.
From King Business Dictionaryratiora‧ti‧o /ˈreɪʃiəʊˈreɪʃoʊ/ noun [countable] a relationship between two amounts that is represented by a pair of numbers showing how much greater one amount is than the otherThe company’s ratio of current assets to current liabilities is 5 to 1. accounting ratio acid ratio book-to-bill ratio capital ratio cash ratio collection ratio combined ratio debt-equity ratio debt ratio debt service ratio dividend payout ratio dividend-price ratio expense ratio financial ratio inventory-to-sales ratio liquidity ratio loan-to-value ratio management ratio net PE ratio net quick assets ratio nil PE ratio payout ratio PD ratio PE ratio quick ratio reserve ratio solvency ratio turnover ratio see also Basle ratiosOrigin ratio (1600-1700) Latin calculation, reason, from ratus; RATE1