From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishrantrant /rænt/ verb [intransitive, transitive] SHOUTto talk or complain in a loud excited and rather confused way because you feel strongly about somethingrant about She was still ranting about the unfairness of it all. Why don’t you stop ranting and raving for a minute and listen?rant noun [countable] a 15-minute rant about the evils of modern society→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
rantAll that is left for a man with only an ageing cohort of supporters, is to rant.Thompson was ranting about American youth again.Wilson let him rant and clutched Pilade to her.Coach Bill Oates does not rant and rave on the sideline.She ranted and raved for hours.The night staff finally congregated outside my room trying endless combinations of key card whilst I ranted and raved.The actor is ranting, flinging spittle.When Buck and Ratso go to another greasy spoon, a crazy is ranting in the background.She did not rant or rave or otherwise make a spectacle of herself.ranting and ravingOur task is to understand our Ego, so that we can recognise its ranting and raving.Matilda was still ranting and raving against the absent Earl for getting himself captured.Its as if he was ranting and raving when he said it.
Origin rant (1500-1600) Early Dutch ranten