railway station

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railway stationˈrailway ˌstation ●●● S3 noun [countable] British EnglishTTT a place where trains stop for passengers to get on and off SYN train station, railroad station American English I’ll meet you outside the main railway station.
Examples from the Corpus
railway stationWainfleet, unlike most market towns in East Lindsey, actually has a railway station in use.They spent those few days in Blackpool and she last saw him as he left for duty from Chester railway station.Mr Samra said the brand-new motorbike was left near the crowded Dadar railway station in central Bombay.Start at the Bahnhofstrasse, leading from the main railway station towards the Paradeplatz and the lake.When Oxford railway station was refurbished three years ago, it was criticised for its lack of disabled facilities.It is in this respect that the role of the railway station has been most dramatically transformed.