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raffiaraf‧fi‧a /ˈræfiə/ noun [uncountable] TICa soft substance like string that comes from the leaves of a palm tree and is used for making baskets, hats, mats etc
Examples from the Corpus
raffiaWe also had looms and were taught weaving, basketwork and raffia.Island craftsmen make everything from leather goods and raffia to local pottery and beautiful hand-made jewellery using the famous Majorcan pearls.Shakily Ruth stepped out of the car, reaching for her raffia shoulder-bag in the back seat.That pleasing equilibrium between man, raffia, mud or whatever, does of course still prevail in various parts of the world.At the bottom of a handbag or raffia shopper.Carefully cut the raffia free once new top growth indicates a successful graft.Bind with raffia and wax in the usual way.Tie in place with raffia, leaving the bud exposed.
Origin raffia (1800-1900) Malagasy rafia