From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishqueryque‧ry1 /ˈkwɪəri $ ˈkwɪri/ ●●○ noun (plural queries) [countable] ASK A QUESTIONa question that you ask to get information, or to check that something is true or correctquery about Give us a ring if you have any queries about the contract. Staff are always available to answer your queries.see thesaurus at question
Examples from the Corpus
queryIf anyone has a query I'll deal with it at the end of the meeting.One of the students raised a query about the marking system.Menlo angrily replied to a query from a reporter.Since the TV programme the advice bureau has received lots of queries about maternity rights.I would be happy to answer people's queries if they write to me at my home address.The query seems like a jolt of reality, following stories Mrs Clinton has been telling of her college days.The query command is shown in Figure 3.13 along with an example of its results in Figure 3.14.On major and minor issues you should give fair answers to queries about the job to avoid misunderstandings and resentment later on.Seers galore will be on hand to shed a little light on those and other troubling queries at the Renaissance Psychic Fair.Another rather unusual query ... Is it possible to make your own garden gnomes - by casting them?We can obtain top management replies to your queries.have ... queriesI have already had queries about what will happen.But users may also have queries where the data comes from two or more relations.The College maintains a 24-hour telephone helpline for students who have queries or problems with their studies.Please do not hesitate to contact me here at the above number if you have any other queries or concerns.If you have any queries about the travel arrangements Betty Syrett or Hilda Hewitt will be happy to advise you. 7.If you have any queries on the above please contact Miss Middlemiss on extension 3088.If you have any queries, you can ring me on 453-3366.
queryquery2 ●○○ verb (queried, querying, queries) [transitive] 1 NOT SUREto express doubt about whether something is true or correct Both players queried the umpire’s decision.query whether Many people are querying whether the tests are accurate.2 ASK A QUESTIONto ask a question ‘What time are we leaving?’ Maggie queried.→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
queryWhy do we not query everything, even the act of querying itself?I've always made the list out and you've never queried it before, well not like that.Not one of the customers queried liked the service.If you have any queries our team will be happy to help.Derbyshire folk may query the authenticity of this but I defy them not to enjoy the results.The manager queried the figures.Those bold enough to query the official faith risk detention and death.When I queried this I learned that Microwriter no longer employed a press officer.I could have queried whether the castle was going to be part of an entire medieval town.query whetherThey are querying whether all his night calls are really necessary.In each case many people queried whether any harm had been done.I could have queried whether the castle was going to be part of an entire medieval town.Philip Vernon was beginning to question the efficiency of tests by querying whether they measured accurately.A nurse intercepted him before he left and queried whether William had requested it.
From King Business Dictionaryqueryque‧ry1 /ˈkwɪəriˈkwɪri/ noun (plural queries) [countable]1a question you ask to get information, or to check that something is true or correctA team of telephone operators are here to answer your queries.2COMPUTING one or more words or signs that you put into a computer in order to get a particular piece of information from a store of information held on the computerYou can make complex queries by setting up a set of conditions that check the date every time you run the program. parallel data queryqueryquery2 verb (queried, querying, queries) [transitive]1to express doubt that something is legal, true, or correctA VAT officer queried the VAT returns of the business.query whetherI’d query whether these figures are reliable.2to ask someone questionsThe survey queries 5,000 households about their perception of present business conditions.→ See Verb tableOrigin query1 (1600-1700) quere question ((16-19 centuries)), from Latin quaere! ask!