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QQ, q /kjuː/ noun (plural Q’s, q’s) [countable, uncountable] SLAthe 17th letter of the English alphabet mind your p’s and q’s at mind2(23), → Q-tip
Examples from the Corpus
QCan Q get to Bishop before Bishop kills everyone?Other things being equal, the level of investment will rise from Q to Q 1.Bogwood with fungus Q I have a tank which has two pieces of bogwood in it.Made from silk protein, it makes hair shine like glass. Q My hair is layered and very fly-away.Starting with sunfish Q I would like to keep Pumpkinseed fish.Tanganyikans in small tanks Q I plan to set up a tank for Tanganyikan cichlids.
Q.Q., q. (also Q, q British English)ASK A QUESTIONthe written abbreviation of question a Q and A session (=a time when people can ask questions and get answers) FAQ