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puttputt /pʌt/ verb [intransitive, transitive] DSGto hit a golf ball lightly a short distance along the ground towards the holeputt noun [countable]putting noun [uncountable] I was practising my putting.
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Examples from the Corpus
puttTomalin could resume her normal existence and literary pursuits, putting aside the fortnight of having conscience pricked and self-control tested.Mendl wants a clear answer, but I keep putting him off.Kept Ireland out of the war, but that doesn't mean he's putting himself out for your people.In putting the Collection together, our music editors combed a thousand hit parades to bring you the finest moments in rock'n'roll.And, as with Favourites, you can organise your Bookmarks by putting them into folders.The Raiders had second-and-two at the Charger eight-yard line, putting them within reach of the lead.I remember we set about putting together a cabaret show.The staff is incapable of putting two beautiful games together.
Origin putt (1700-1800) put