Word family noun punishment adjective punishable punishing unpunished punitive verb punish
From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishpunishmentpun‧ish‧ment /ˈpʌnɪʃmənt/ ●●● W3 noun 1 [countable, uncountable]PUNISH something that is done in order to punish someone, or the act of punishing thempunitivepunishment for The punishment for treason is death.as a punishment I was sent to bed as a punishment.2 [uncountable] informalDAMAGE rough physical treatment tough plants that can take any amount of punishment capital punishmentCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesharsh/severeThe court decided the original punishment was too severe.lightThe punishment seemed very light.just/fitting (=appropriate and right)Death would be a just punishment.physical punishmentChildren respond more to affection than to physical punishment.corporal punishment (=when someone punishes a child by hitting them)Corporal punishment is banned in state schools.capital punishment (=death as a punishment for a crime)The are trying to abolish capital punishment except in cases of terrorism.the maximum punishmentThe charge against him carries a maximum punishment of a year in jail.verbsgive somebody a punishmentHe deserved the punishment he was given.The teacher may impose reasonable punishments.hand out punishments (=give people punishments)The courts are handing out harsher punishments to reckless drivers.impose/mete out a punishment formal (=give someone a punishment)Life imprisonment should be the maximum punishment meted out by the state.receive a punishmentHe received the maximum punishment.escape/avoid punishmentThe thieves managed to escape punishment.carry a punishment (=used when saying what the punishment for something is)The offence carries a punishment of up to 10 years in prison.inflict a punishment (on somebody) (=punish someone, especially physically)The abbot could inflict corporal punishment for gross disobedience.phrasesthe punishment should fit the crime (=it should be appropriate)The public believe that the punishment should fit the crime. THESAURUSpunishment something that is done in order to punish someone, or the act of punishing themI don’t think they deserved such a severe punishment. The usual punishment is life in prison.sentence a punishment given by a judge in a courtHe was given a long prison sentence.They asked for the maximum sentence.fine an amount of money that you must pay as a punishmentI got an £80 fine for speeding.There are heavy fines for drink-driving.penalty a general word for a punishment given to someone who has broken a law, rule, or agreementWhat’s the penalty if you get caught?He called for stiffer penalties for crimes involving guns.the death penalty (also capital punishment) the system in which people are killed as a punishment for crimesIf he is found guilty, he faces the death penalty.A number of states have abolished capital punishment.community service unpaid work helping other people that someone does as punishment for a crimeHe was given a choice between doing 200 hours of community service, or a big fine.corporal punishment the punishment of children by hitting themI don’t agree with corporal punishment.Corporal punishment was abolished in schools in 1987.
Examples from the Corpus
punishmentPunishments for bad behavior can range from time-outs to withdrawing privileges, such as televisionHe would silence noise by poking his head down the first step and yelling threats of appalling punishment.Now we are overtaken by guilt, and the pain of fear and helplessness is interpreted as punishment for nameless sins.Our eagerness for capital punishment echoes the mentality of the old slave code.Some people are demanding the return of capital punishment for murder.Corporal punishment was banned in Sweden in 1979.But the overall effect was to help the guilty escape punishment.But some are gluttons for punishment.With five children in the house, the furniture has to take a lot of punishment.In the meantime, the House ethics committee will be meeting on punishment for Gingrich.Retributive punishment restores the balance by cancelling out this advantage with a commensurate disadvantage.In cases of sheep-stealing, the usual punishment was hanging.When punishment of children is necessary, it can be based on reciprocity rather than expiation.punishment forBaylor was suspended for one game as punishment for violating team rules.The maximum punishment for robbery is 40 years in prison.take ... punishmentIf knocked over, you stood upright again, at attention, and took the punishment until the staff tired of it.Young, who has the mentality of a linebacker, has taken punishment as a passer and a runner.Rather than protest anymore, he took his punishment silently and disappeared into his room.Instead of taking his punishment like a man, Wilson tried to hide behind his Fourth Amendment rights.She took the punishments meted out to her without a murmur.I wish they'd just learn to take discipline or punishment.In a world which promotes automatic goodness, he will not learn to take the punishments associated with behaving badly.The skilled players also have to be big and strong to take the postseason punishment.