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pulloverpull‧o‧ver /ˈpʊlˌəʊvə $ -ˌoʊvər/ noun [countable] DCCa piece of woollen clothing without buttons that you wear on the top half of your body SYN sweater
Examples from the Corpus
pulloverHe turned up shortly after ten in gumboots, corduroys, pullover and the trusty green weatherproof.Wait until she saw the elbows of his pullover.He had a black V-neck pullover.Police recovered a red pullover and handgun from the scene.The last thing I knitted was a red pullover for Uncle which I have yet.She was buxom, and the rust-red pullover she wore was not designed to minimize the fact.Waistcoats or sleeveless pullovers sometimes worn with suits, though you couldn't see them when the top button was done up.I am wearing overalls and a striped pullover I hate because it reminds me of the clothes men wear on chain gangs.