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PullmanPull‧man /ˈpʊlmən/ noun [countable] TTTa very comfortable train carriage, or a train made up of these carriages
Examples from the Corpus
PullmanSleeping-car and Pullman attendants were invariably black.That the classical wooden-bodied Pullman cars of earlier days had long since been split up and sold or scrapped was no deterrent.In 1928 ten new Pullman cars, fitted with pantograph collectors instead of trolley poles, took over the Fleetwood service.This year sees a big boost in bookings for superb meals served in the newly restored Pullman Cars.A package of accelerations, improved peak-hour services and upgrading of the Master Cutler to Pullman status has generated new business.
Origin Pullman 1. (1800-1900) George M. Pullman (1831-97), U.S. inventor who designed the car; 2. because they were made to fit under the seats of Pullman cars