public affairs

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public affairsˌpublic afˈfairs noun [plural] PSOCIETYevents and questions, especially political ones, which have an effect on most people He took an active part in public affairs.
Examples from the Corpus
public affairsFred Goldman has become public affairs director for a Washington-based organization called Safe Streets, which seeks tougher punishment for convicted criminals.the university's vice president for public affairsHe imported the commonsense realist philosophy, which included a demand that individuals be responsible for public affairs.Domestic sexism does not guarantee sexism in public affairs, although one is often a symptom of the other.It took several years before we were able to reinstate a comprehensive schedule of public affairs programming on public television.For his last three decades Clarke played no part in science or public affairs.If you fancy your chances, contact Carolyn Andrews at the public affairs department who will send you the necessary registration forms.Priority booking can be arranged for staff by contacting the public affairs department at John Wood House.