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psychiatricpsy‧chi‧at‧ric /ˌsaɪkiˈætrɪk◂/ ●●○ adjective MPrelating to the study and treatment of mental illness a psychiatric hospital a psychiatric nurse Charles was suffering from a psychiatric disorder (=mental illness).psychiatrically /-kli/ adverb
Examples from the Corpus
psychiatricSome have shifted their focus to other psychiatric disorders, such as eating disorders.psychiatric evaluationAfter psychiatric evaluations found that he was competent to stand trial, Harwood pleaded guilty July 16 to second-degree murder.She was in a psychiatric hospital last night.In psychiatric hospitals, the countywide average stay has plummeted from 22 days five years ago to 13 days now.Consequently, they have continued to dominate the style of psychiatric practice in many districts.And in our psychiatric rehabilitation centres for men and women of all ages recovering from mental illness.The court heard that 5 psychiatric reports had been prepared at Broadmoor.And psychiatric treatments consist these days primarily of drugs, psychotherapy, and shock treatments.psychiatric disorderAbout 30 percent use injection drugs, and 33 percent have a psychiatric disorder.Special considerations: there was no indication that the appellant was suffering from psychiatric disorder.This is particularly important in the case of people with serious behavioural problems or continuing florid symptoms of psychiatric disorder.A history of psychiatric disorders also could contribute, some researchers believe.Sadly, too, psychiatric disorders are still viewed by many people with suspicion and prejudice.Those with serious psychiatric disorders, especially depression with serious suicidal ideation or significant impairment of insight.But what defines any psychiatric disorder is the combination of symptoms and how long they last, not one particular symptom.Some have shifted their focus to other psychiatric disorders, such as eating disorders.