From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishproudproud /praʊd/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective (comparative prouder, superlative proudest) 1 pleasedPROUD feeling pleased about something that you have done or something that you own, or about someone or something you are involved with or related topride OPP ashamedproud of Her parents are very proud of her. You should be proud of yourself. His past record is certainly something to be proud justly/rightly proud of something (=have good reasons for being proud) The company is justly proud of its achievements.proud to do/be something Seven-year-old Ian is proud to have earned his red belt in karate.proud (that) She was proud that the magazine had agreed to publish one of her stories. Seth was the proud owner of a new sports car.GRAMMAR: Prepositions with proudYou are proud of someone or something: He’s proud of his son. Don’t say: He’s proud for his son.2 proudest moment/achievement/possession3 too high opinionPROUD thinking that you are more important, skilful etc than you really are – used to show disapprovalpride a proud man who would not admit his mistakes4 great self-respectPROUD having respect for yourself, so that you are embarrassed to ask for help when you are in a difficult situationpride Some farmers were too proud to ask for government help.5 do somebody proud6 impressive literaryIMPRESS tall and impressiveproudly adverbCOLLOCATIONSadverbsvery/really proudYour family must be very proud of you.justifiably/justly/rightly proud (=with good reason)He is justifiably proud of what he and his father achieved.fiercely proudThey are fiercely proud of their native land.immensely/intensely/inordinately proud (=extremely proud)He said he was immensely proud to have been elected prime minister.She was intensely proud of being Japanese.nounsthe proud owner (of something) (also the proud possessor of something formal)She is now the proud owner of a four-bedroomed house.a proud mother/father/parentMark is the proud father of a three-week-old baby boy. THESAURUSproud very pleased with what you, your family, or your country have achieved, or of something you ownI felt so proud when my son graduated from college.Judith’s very proud of her new Ferrari.pleased with yourself feeling pleased because something good has happened, especially because you think you have been very clever, skilful etcHe was smoking a big cigar and was obviously pleased with himself.I’d made a big profit and was feeling pretty pleased with myself.arrogant disapproving behaving in an unpleasant and annoying way, because you think you are better or know more than other people, and that your opinions are always rightHe was arrogant and regarded people who disagreed with him as fools.his arrogant attitude to women vain disapproving too proud of your appearance, in a way that annoys other peopleHe’s so vain – he thinks all the girls fancy him.conceited/big-headed disapproving proud of yourself because you think you are very intelligent, skilful, beautiful etc, especially without good reason and in a way that annoys peopleStewart’s the most arrogant conceited person I’ve ever known.She was offered a brilliant job and became incredibly big-headed overnight.pompous disapproving thinking that you are much more important than you really are, and using very long and formal words to try to sound importantThe clerk was a pompous little man with glasses.a pompous speechsmug disapproving pleased with yourself in a quiet but annoying way because you think you are in a better position than other peopleMilly was looking very smug about coming top of the class.a smug expressionself-satisfied disapproving pleased with what you have achieved and showing it clearly in an annoying wayShe glared angrily into his self-satisfied face.a self-satisfied grin
Examples from the Corpus
proudYou did it all by yourself? You should be very proud.Untrained and nervous, she is nevertheless proud and determined.the proud cathedral spireHe was a proud man who refused to admit his mistakes.You are inordinately curious about and proud of everything that comes out of your body.Jane's very proud of her new car.Indeed, this cook is proud of the fact that very few of her diners even request salt.My parents are terribly proud of them.My students have worked hard, and I'm proud of them.However, if you are the proud parent of more valuable Koi fry, where is the cut-off point for outdoor survival?the proud parents with their new babyHe's very proud that his work has finally been published.Many farmers then were too proud to ask for government help.Morris was proud to be part of such a brilliant team.I'm proud to say that all my children had a good education.Always he had been happy, working joyfully in the temple, proud to serve not men, but gods.I felt so proud when my son went up to collect his medal.proud ownerFor your chance to be a proud owner, just study our picture, right.Is C-3P0 the proud owner of a Galant?Jasmine is also married and the proud owner of a gold wedding ring - her father's.Putting the pressure on I am the very proud owner of a Red Snakehead.In its place though, one of you could soon be the proud owner of an Action Replay cartridge.She is now the proud owner of an enviable figure, comparable with some one half her age.Three weeks later and thanks to the filter matting, I was the proud owner of five new Zebra Finches.You are not yet the proud owner of the copier you have come for.
Origin proud (1100-1200) Old French prod, prud, prou good, brave, from Late Latin prode advantage, advantageous, from Latin prodesse to be advantageous