Word family noun protection protector protectionism protectionist protectiveness protectorate adjective protectedunprotected protective protectionist verb protect adverb protectively
From King Dictionary of Contemporary English
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protectivepro‧tec‧tive /prəˈtektɪv/ ●○○ adjective 1 [only before noun]PROTECT used or intended for protection protective clothing Sunscreen provides a protective layer against the sun’s harmful rays.2 PROTECTwanting to protect someone from harm or dangerprotective towards I can’t help feeling protective towards my kids.protective of He’s very protective of his younger brother.3 PEintended to give an advantage to your own country’s industry protective tariffsprotectively adverbprotectiveness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
protectiveSociety's attitude towards children who live in the streets is not always protective.One worker would have suffered fatal burns had he not worn a protective chemical suit which was not routine for repair work.Health hazards arise since full protective clothing is unbearable in a tropical climate, even if the poor farmers could afford it.Burke was not wearing protective gear when the accident happened.Wear protective glasses when working with the saw.protective glovesMotorcyclists must wear protective helmets.The government could impose restrictions on trade, grant monopolies to some industries, or favor others with protective laws.Grand Forks County emergency protective measures also weren't available Monday.Some countries have taken more drastic protective measures to save the rhinos.It was only natural for them to become as protective of Bapi as they were of the tiniest infants in their care.My dad is very protective of me and has never liked any of my boyfriends.Remove the disk from its protective packaging.His expression was stern, full of protective responsibility.Workers frequently discover untended fires built on uncleared ground without protective rock rings.Many boots have a protective rubber or composition rand around the welt to prevent water getting in.a protective tariff on foreign textilesA dog may feel protective towards family members, and attack people who go near them.protective ofHe's very protective of his younger brother.
From King Business Dictionaryprotectivepro‧tec‧tive /prəˈtektɪv/ adjective [only before a noun]1protective actions, measures, laws etc are designed to keep someone or something safe from harm, damage, negative influences etcThe company has armed itself with protective barriers, making a hostile takeover virtually impossible.2ECONOMICSprotective taxes and other measures are designed to protect an industry from foreign competitionProtective tariffs (=import taxes) are a means whereby nations attempt to protect their own industries.