From King Dictionary of Contemporary Englishprostitutionpros‧ti‧tu‧tion /ˌprɒstɪˈtjuːʃən $ ˌprɑːstəˈtuːʃən/ noun [uncountable] BOSYthe work of prostitutes
Examples from the Corpus
prostitutionCriminal gangs control all the drugs, gambling and prostitution in the city.The House approved the creation of a special panel to find ways to tackle child prostitution and forced adult prostitution.The girls seemed to be destined for prostitution.It was a deliberate lie on the part of regulationists to accuse repealers of having no desire to rescue women from prostitution.There can be no doubt of the symbolic importance of prostitution to the Victorians.To the Romans prostitution was a trade.Women can become so desperate for money that they turn to prostitution.Naively, Smith asked how many had turned to prostitution for lack of money?Most of these girls give up prostitution when they're about 30 and settle down and marry.Two of them, mantua-making and millinery, he explicitly linked with prostitution.