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proposalpro‧pos‧al /prəˈpəʊzəl $ -ˈpoʊ-/ ●●○ S3 W3 noun [countable] 1 SUGGESTa plan or suggestion which is made formally to an official person or group, or the act of making itproposeproposal for the government’s proposals for regulation of the industryproposal to do something The committee put forward a proposal to reduce the time limit.proposal that They rejected proposals that the president should be directly elected.2 SSFMARRYwhen you ask someone to marry youmarriage proposal/proposal of marriage She politely declined his proposal of marriage.COLLOCATIONSverbsmake a proposalI'd like to make a proposal.put forward/submit a proposalThey put forward a proposal for a joint research project.come up with a proposal (=think of one)The sales staff came up with an innovative proposal.draw up a proposalA committee of experts drew up proposals for a constitution.approve/accept a proposalThe proposal was approved by the a proposalNot one of these organizations supports the government's proposals.reject a proposalCouncillors had twice rejected proposals for a new village school.consider a proposalWe shall consider their proposals carefully.discuss a proposalHe had discussed the proposal with the Egyptian on a proposalShareholders will vote on the proposal on May 5.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + proposala detailed proposalThey drew up a detailed proposal and submitted it to the Department of Energy.a specific/concrete proposalThe report will make specific proposals for further investigation.a research proposalApplicants should submit a short research proposal on their chosen topic.a budget/tax proposal (=a budget/tax plan)Criticism of the budget proposals was voiced by the International Monetary Fund.a peace proposal (=a plan to achieve peace)The Israeli government responded positively to the US peace proposals.a formal proposalSchools made formal written proposals.
Examples from the Corpus
proposalEisenhower believed that if he moved ahead with such a proposal he would risk his own re-election later that year.the President's budget proposalsTheir role is to put forward proposals for change.Did she accept his proposal?It was too clear that its lofty proposals had political implications.They forwarded a list of proposals for the safe disposal of nuclear waste.Under his original proposal, much of the savings would have gone to the wealthy.They will consider our proposal at their next meeting.On Capitol Hill, reactions to Bush's proposals fell predictably along party lines.If the government's proposals on sites are implemented, these tensions will spiral.Flat-tax proposals also have come from Rep.If the Opposition do not cost their proposals, we do.Their proposal to build a new airport has finally been rejected.Statutory consultation is expected later this year after receipt of responses to these proposals from purchasers, providers, and professional bodies.proposal thatAnd a proposal that the city require companies receiving taxpayer subsidies to pay higher wages also went nowhere.Unions were opposed to a proposal that would shift health insurance costs to employees.Then twice last week, McCaughey Ross joined Democrats to push legislative proposals that Pataki opposed.But unfair rates is what is on the table, along with the tattered remnants of more than 60 other proposals that went before.They were radical proposals that specified in considerable detail the form and content of accounts.The various reform proposals that Washington lawmakers will now consider seek to take advantage of those higher returns from stocks.Mr. Tim Smith Is not this one of several proposals that would add to the costs of employing part-time workers?There are, of course, objections to the proposal that the Government should not take the initiative in this matter.And this is the sense relevant to the proposal that semantics is concerned with sentence-meaning, and pragmatics with utterance-meaning.
From King Business Dictionaryproposalpro‧pos‧al /prəˈpəʊzəl-ˈpoʊ-/ noun1[countable, uncountable] a plan or idea which is suggested formally to an official person, or when this is doneThe President is facing a battle to get Congress to accept hisbudget proposals.I made a proposal for opening an office in Seoul, complete with projected costings.proposal to do somethingThe Senate rejected a proposal to limit the program to two years.proposal thatThe company had to put forward a proposal that layoffs be considered. compare motion2[countable]INSURANCE an official document in which you give details about yourself or your property when you are buying an INSURANCE POLICY see also acceptance of proposal