proportional representation

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proportional representationproˌportional represenˈtation noun [uncountable] PPV especially British English (abbreviation PR) a system of voting in elections by which all political parties are represented in the government according to the number of votes they receive in the whole country
Examples from the Corpus
proportional representationHome rule and proportional representation are the means by which we shall break the stranglehold of Westminster.Elections to a lower house of parliament would be by proportional representation and an upper house would be appointed by provincial governments.Half of the 400 national representatives would be elected on a constituency basis and the other half by proportional representation.As the essential measure to secure and entrench lasting reform we will introduce fair votes by proportional representation for Parliamentary elections.At the political level, proportional representation was abolished for local elections in 1922 and for Stormont elections in 1929.But it will be no more than second-best representation, and certainly not proportional representation.It is elected for a five-year term by a system of proportional representation.