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propertyprop‧er‧ty /ˈprɒpəti $ ˈprɑːpər-/ ●●● S2 W1 noun (plural properties) 1 [uncountable]DHOWN the thing or things that someone owns The hotel is not responsible for any loss or damage to guests’ personal property. Some of the stolen property was found in Mason’s house.2 [countable, uncountable]BFOWN a building, a piece of land, or both together Property prices have shot up recently. the property market a sign saying ‘Private Property. Keep Out.’ property taxescommercial/residential property3 [countable usually plural]CHARACTER OF something a quality or power that a substance, plant etc has SYN quality, characteristic a herb with healing propertiesphysical/chemical etc properties the chemical properties of a substance lost property, real property, intellectual propertyCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: a building, a piece of land, or both togetherverbsbuy/sell (a) propertyBuying a property is a complicated business.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + property detached especially British English (=not joined to another house)It is a modern detached property with five bedrooms.semi-detached British English (=joined to one other house)This semi-detached property is located in one of the most sought-after areas of the town.a three-bedroom/four-bedroom etc propertyFour-bedroom properties are usually ideal for families.a desirable propertyIt is a desirable property with a south-facing garden.commercial property (=buildings used by businesses)The bombs caused damage to commercial property.residential property (=buildings that people live in)The site proposed for the factory is too near to residential property.private propertyThe land on the other side of the gate is private + NOUNproperty pricesProperty prices are much lower here than in London.the property marketThere were no signs of an upturn in the property market.a property ownerIt makes sense for property owners to extend their houses rather than move. THESAURUSproperty [uncountable] the things that a person, organization etc ownsHe left most of his property to his granddaughter.They were arrested and charged with damaging school property.possessions [plural] all the things that you own or have with you at a particular timeHe sold all his possessions and left the country.The prisoners were allowed to have few personal possessions.belongings [plural] things you own such as clothes, books etc, especially things you take with you when travellingI quickly packed a few of my belongings in an overnight bag.things [plural] spoken (also stuff [uncountable] informal) small things you own, such as clothes, books etcDon’t leave your things all over the floor!I’ve got so much stuff, I don’t know where to put it all.valuables [plural] things that you own that are worth a lot of money and may get stolen, for example jewellery or camerasThe advice from police is: if you have valuables don’t leave them in the car.Keep valuables like TVs and computer equipment out of sight.personal effects [plural] formal small things you own – used especially when there is an accident, a robbery, or the person who owns them diesThe insurance policy covers baggage and personal effects – up to £1,000 per person. After Turing’s death in 1954, his mother received his personal effects, including the Order of the British Empire, awarded in 1946 for his code work. Sections of aircraft wreckage and personal effects were scattered all around. assets [plural] houses, land, shares etc that a person or organization owns and would be able to sell if they needed money – used especially in legal or business contextsMany homeowners now have assets of over £234,000 in the value of their home assets such as bonds and shares COLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: a quality or power that a substance, plant etc hasadjectivesphysical propertiesWhat are the physical properties of metals?chemical propertiesThey grouped the known elements by chemical properties.electrical propertiesEach type of cell has distinct electrical properties.magnetic propertiesthe magnetic properties of iron and nickeloptical propertiesThese minerals have similar optical properties.healing/medicinal propertiesThe old women know about the healing properties of local propertiesThey believed that the water had special health-giving properties.antiseptic propertiesThis plant has mild antiseptic properties.
Examples from the Corpus
propertyHe had several directorships and property interests.We test the chemical and biological properties of the samples.The conducting properties of solids vary widely.At that time, a slave was considered property.However, it is necessary to produce receipts when dealing with leasehold property.People are becoming more aware of garlic's medicinal properties.Many state documents were considered as the officer's private property.In the past, Massachusetts companies were taxed on a combination of all sales, property values and payroll.The boys have been charged with damaging school property.Vandals wrecked school property.Some of the stolen property was discovered in an empty warehouse.Two-bedroom terraced properties are selling for £120,000-far beyond the means of most public-sector workers earning £20,000.What's the full market value of the property?A special guest yesterday was Tenaya Becker, a great-granddaughter of Robert Daley, who settled the property in 1869.The property benefits from its own drive and a wider than average side access.The properties of the soil influence the growth of the plants.All sound has three properties: pitch, volume, and duration.stolen propertyThose now being accused of trafficking in stolen property are dismayed.The charges include armed robbery, distribution of stolen property, illegal gun sales and use, and drug trafficking.In legal terms possession of stolen property is not the same as stealing.Police said Bokin has also been repeatedly convicted of theft, possession of stolen property and writing bad checks.He admitted receiving stolen property and breach of a conditional discharge.The thief was caught and given a two year prison sentence but the stolen property was not recovered.Miss Nazir warned them to get rid of the stolen property and then went to alert her sister.Police recovered some of the stolen property.Dodman was driving a van found to be loaded with the stolen property.commercial/residential propertyThe foreclosure pain hit record levels in March of last year, when 15,475 residential property owners went into foreclosure.Perhaps they all wanted to invest in commercial property.Whilst training, I worked in three main areas: litigation, commercial property and company commercial.He signed the deal in July 1989 - and by September the bottom had fallen out of the London commercial property market.Space savings can also provide hard cost savings, although this, of course, depends on commercial property rental values.The Provisionals said that one of their active service units had placed the devices, causing damage to prime commercial property.The residential prOperty tax assessment is based On a valuation set at 15 percent of fair market value.Homeowners who want to sell their homes without a real estate agent can now advertise their residential properties free on the Internet.physical/chemical etc propertiesChemical Substances Pure substances have a fixed composition and well defined chemical and physical properties.They are about relations between physical properties.What one has is the assembling of a recipe for constructing physical properties in complicated interrelationships.It had been conceded that the two forms of cocaine were chemically different and had different physical properties.Currently, the recogniser does not fully exploit information about the physical properties of the input.Physical knowledge is knowledge of the physical properties of objects derived by the manipulation of objects.It is easier to observe and measure electrical activity than it is to understand the chemical properties.This can be attributed to its various physical properties.
From King Business Dictionarypropertyprop‧er‧ty /ˈprɒpətiˈprɑːpər-/ noun (plural properties)1[uncountable]LAW all the things that someone ownsSome of the stolen property was found in Mason’s house.The President supports a tax cut on profits from sales of property such as stocks and real estate.The hotel is not responsible for damage to guests’ personal property. artistic property industrial property intellectual property literary property movable property personal property2[uncountable]PROPERTY land and buildings, and the activity of buying, selling, and renting themSYNREAL ESTATEProperty prices have shot up (=quickly increased) recently.Homeowners around Miramar, site of a planned new airport, are worried about noise and property values.The tax increase amounts to an extra $3 a month for the averageproperty owner. commercial property distressed property immovable property private property public property real property3[countable]PROPERTY a building, especially a house, and the land that surrounds itSeveral properties on this street are for sale. freehold property leasehold property4[uncountable] ownership of land, goods etca belief in the idea of communal propertyOrigin property (1200-1300) Old French propreté, from Latin proprietas, from proprius; PROPER